NordicTrack Exercise Equipment: Tough Cookies Don't Crumble

More than 20 years ago NordicTrack made the news with its then-unique ski machines, proliferating at a frantic pace to cover nearly every home in America by the 90s. The open feel of cross-country skiing combined with the convenience of 'health at home' was a synergistic combination – commercially and culturally. The magic carries on despite the troubles of the late 90s. NordicTrack exercise equipment is now back packing more power than ever with its extended range of low impact exercise machines and treadmills. The company is now held by ICON Health & Fitness, and it seems that they're here to stay. Products are now available at retail stores as well as on the internet, and they're all set to take the product to the next level. Before they do, let's look at what their current position is on the product front to see what makes this company take a licking and – well you know the rest.

The Brightest Star In The Fitness Firmament

The NordicTrack Classic Pro Skier is still going strong after 20 years, and still claims to be the No. 1 full-body calorie-burning machine on the market. A tall claim it is, but justifiable. Even in today's cut-throat competitive market of exercise machines this piece of NordicTrack exercise equipment has held its own. It's not that it is far superior to other products; it's just that combining exercise with skiing is far more romantic than combining it with riding a bike or climbing stairs or even taking a walk in the park - and romance has always been a big part of commercial stardom. People identifying and bonding with a concept behind a product is far more powerful that any super-technological innovation can match.

NordicTrack Treadmills: Poetry In Steel, Rubber And Plastic

With about a dozen treadmills in their armory, NordicTrack has a considerable share of this market segment as well. Although the prices can be steep, there's the NordicTrack reputation that stands behind every product. The SpaceSaver design for easy storage, the Grafixx display with twin LCD windows, the 16 workout settings for performance, distance, time and weight loss, the classic lifetime guaranty on the motor and frame – they're all reminiscent of most of the treadmills on the market today, but none of them have been put together as beautifully or with such perfect sense of proportion as the NordicTrack treadmills. Using trademark technology in nearly all of their features and functions, they have managed to retain their top position with their line of NordicTrack exercise equipment in this category.

NordicTrack Ellipticals: Elegant Equipment

Their range of elliptical exercise machines is also pretty impressive, with the Power Ramp, Commercial and FreeStrider series, there's an elliptical for every need. The reliability of NordicTrack exercise equipment is obviously carried forward in this range of award winning products. Even the basic E5VI features nearly everything you could want in an elliptical, and more. Add the phenomenal features and durability of the commercial and high-end home models, and you have the perfect blend of beauty, brains and brawn.

NordicTrack Exercise Bikes: Affordable Wheels

Exercise bikes are another domain that NordicTrack has pedaled its way into, and with basic models tagged at $399 for an upright bike and $499 for a recumbent version you might just find this the perfect Christmas buy that won't break your purse. Of course, you'll have to keep that New Year's resolution and not use it as a hat rack but that's another story altogether.

NordicTrack Exercise Equipment: Onwards And Beyond

NordicTrack exercise equipment also includes other odds and ends like free weights, vibration platforms, medicine balls and even exercise apparel for the fashion-conscious gym frequenter. With all these and more, the new face of NordicTrack exercise equipment is all set to dominate the fitness machine market. They seem to be well geared to take it right through the '10s and probably way past.