Buying Airline Tickets With Bill Me Later Deferred Payment Options

 There are times that you will need to buy an airline ticket right away but either do not have a credit card to use or you don't have the money to pay for the airline ticket at the time you are ready to buy it.  For whatever reason, you need to get an airline ticket in a hurry and do not have the funds available to pay for it right then and there or do not have a credit card to charge it, there are some airlines or programs that offer a buy now pay later service for airline tickets.  For those who have never heard of a buy now pay later service for airline tickets it works about the same as any other buy now pay later program.

How Do Buy Now Pay Later Programs Work?

 Well, before World War II merchants and customers used to do business directly with each other instead of with third-party banks and financial institutions.  Meaning, if you went into a store and wanted to purchase something on credit, then you would work out a credit and payment arrangement with that particular merchant.  This is the way things were done before World War II. During this time, credit that was extended from merchant to consumer were periodically reported to local credit bureaus but ONLY if the the customer did not pay.

After World War II, as banks began to see that customers were becoming more mobile and wanting to purchase items while they travelled to other parts of the country, they began to extend credit to credit worthy individuals.  With the bank extending credit on a national level came the need for a national credit reporting system.  This is when the local credit reporting agencies formed into national credit bureaus.  The three biggest ones being Equifax, Transunion and Experian, but there are several smaller ones.

Although it is not the norm anymore, many merchants still use the merchant to customer lending relationship to conduct business.  A lot of times this may be in the form of a store credit card but for often, it is in the form of a buy now pay later catalog merchant who extends credit to its customers without involving third party banking and financial systems and many times not even doing a credit check. Using these buy now pay later catalogs, you can purchase a great deal of personal items including home furnishings, electronics, bedroom sets, living room sets, clothing and jewelry and so much more.


So Where Can I Get Airline Tickets That I Can Buy Now And Pay For Later on a Deferred Billing Arrangement?

These places where you can get deferred billing airline tickets do offer these services mainly for people who do not want to use a their own credit card information online for whatever reasons.  However, they also make great options for people who don't have credit cards or don't have the cash to pay for something right away.

American Airlines Fly Now Payment Plan

Fly Now Payment PlanCredit: American Airlines

With American Airlines "Fly Now Payment Plan, " you can enjoy zero interest purchases of airline tickets for $150 or more provided that the balance is paid off within six months. When you use American Airline's "Fly Now Payment Plan," if the purchase amount is not paid in full within six months of your purchase interest will be charged to your account.  Interest will also be charged to your account if you miss one of your scheduled payments

What Is The Process To Use American Airlines "Fly Now Payment Plan"?

In order to be eligible for this program through American Airlines you must:

  • Apply for an American Airlines Credit Card and be approved (the decision is instant, so you will know immediately if you qualify).
  • You will get your account number within minutes of approval that you can use immediately.
  • Card will also be sent in the mail.

Those who already have an American Airlines Credit Card are already eligible for this Bill Me Later service.


Bill Me Later For Airline Tickets Using Paypal From has a great bill me later way to buy airline tickets through PayPal's Bill Me Later Program.  To use PayPal's Bill Me Later program you only have to answer a few simple questions at checkout, then choose the Bill Me Later Option when you check out through


 JetBlue's Bill Me Later Airline Tickets Using PayPal's Bill Me Later

Again, using Paypal's Bill Me Later Program, you can buy airline tickets through JetBlue and pay for them later.  Using JetBlue's Bill Me Later Airline Ticket option through PayPal's Bill Me Later Service is as easy as answering some brief questions at checkout, purchasing your ticket and then paying for them using flexible payment arrangements.

  • To Learn More About PayPal's Bill Me Later Service: PRESS HERE


Ask A Friend or Family Member

 If you don't have the money to pay for an airline ticket now, you can always ask a friend or family member to charge it for you. You can go to online websites like cheapotickets, Hotwire and Orbitz to get cheap discounted tickets to where ever your destination is and then ask someone to charge it for you. You can then make sure you pay them back  weekly or monthly or an acceptable term that works for both parties. When you borrow from friends or family, the repayment options should not be relaxed just because it is someone you know.  These are people who are extending credit to you in your time of need so you have to be just as vigilant with you repayment of this emergency loan as you would if it were a company extending you this credit in your time of need.

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So you can see that there are many different options to pay for your airline tickets if you do not have the money to pay right now but need to buy an airline ticket to take a trip right away.  Most of these options do require a quick credit check however, whether or not your credit is acceptable depends on their credit requirements.