Shop Online Pay Later UK Shopping

"Buy now pay later UK" catalogs are just as prevalent as the US versions.  Which ever side of the pond you are on, these catalogs and online shopping sites and catalogs offer people choices they would not have otherwise.  Many people who have bad credit, no credit or don't wish to use a credit card, use these catalogs to buy the things the both want and need and pay on a monthly schedule. Often, like in the US, the UK shopping sites and catalogs often either have no credit check or very relaxed credit criterion.

Some Popular "Buy Now Pay Later UK" Shopping Sites and Catalogs


Gimmitech is one of the popular websites in the UK that offer its products to clients through various financial options. One of the options used often in this website is buy now pay later. In this online store, purchasers are allowed to take products at a paying rate that is suitable for them individually. This means that each client has his or her own mode of payment as opposed to other online shopping center where clients use one common means of paying.

The buy now pay later option by offer a good opportunity to clients who have bad credit history or those with no credit at all. The online store offers its clients their preferred products at affordable prices and manageable payment options. The mission at gimmitech is to present to the clients the product of choice at an affordable price for a particular client. As a result, it is a store that can be approached by all people. For instance, a certain electronic product from gimmitech can be paid for in installments that can starch up to 24 months after buying.

The store has a variety of electronic products including televisions, mobile phones, iPods, computers, cameras, tablets and iPads, electronic appliances etc. It is a store that has the latest models of house hold and office electronics on sale. The store management provides its clients with suitable transport means that ferry’s the products to their destinations. This is important as some of the electronic gadgets may require extra care while transporting from one place to another. As a store that has served for the past 25 years, they understand the client’s preferences and demand.


Ellos is an online store based in the UK. It is a store that has majored in the selling of clothes of people of all sizes. The store has designer clothes of children, women, and men of all kinds. There are additional products as clothing accessories that are also sold in the store. The online store has clothes with a Swedish design; stylish and affordable to its client. As an online store, they have mastered their client preferences and stock clothes for the whole family that serve various seasons especially winter and autumn.

Simply be

It is an online store that sells clothes and other accessories. The shop displays different electrical, foot wear and gifts for all seasons and occasions. As a shop with clients from various backgrounds, there are products of varying prices that make it open for all people to come and buy.


Jacamo is an online store that presents products to a wide range of male clientele. It is a   general shop with different merchandise that fits the interests of men. The shop sells products including men’s wear, sportswear, shoes, electrical, and gifts.

The online shop has different services that attract clients of different interests. Some of the features in this store include prize draw, buy now pay later option, jacamo social, and email sign up.

Fashion world

Fashion World is a popular online store in the United Kingdom, which offers designer clothes of different makes. The store which has mastered its business in fashion and design has clothes for both men and women, sportswear, shoes, and electrical. There are gifts and additional beauty products for various personal interests and preferences. Fashion world has considered clients with limitation in terms of payments such as customers with bad credit history. They allow clients to determine for themselves of how they will pay for the products in the future.

The Brilliant Gift Shop

"The Brilliant Gift Shop" is one of the unique shops online that has various products suitable for gifts during celebrations. The brilliant gift shop can be termed as a shop that has a variety of products that can be gifts for young children. The shop gives an opportunity to buy a gift for a beloved one and to pay at a later date. They allow clients to manage their own accounts to clear their balances at one’s own rate. The general shop has products that range from house hold products to home accessories.


They have considered the fact that many people would like to have luxurious items but may not have the money at hand. The online store offer various clothing lines of renowned designers. It is an online store that has various products that can be categorized as general merchandise. Hence, it is a shop that one can obtain his or her favorites are affordable rates and pay for the items in due time according to his or her own financial plans.


Very give a buy now pay later option to its clients that pay for their products up to 12 months later. They advise clients to open accounts with their stores for one to enjoy the buy now pay later deals. This is allowed in all merchandise that is sold in the Very stores. The store has various schemes for buy now pay later options split in different first payments ranging from 100 dollars – 250 dollars. The higher the first payment the more you stretch the balances in a year.

Little woods

Little Woods is an online store in the UK that has helped many people especially those with poor credit history. The shop has many products that people can use as gifts for the Christmas holiday. Their paying scheme at little woods allows customer to take goods to their possession once they have paid for more than half the price. The products at little woods can then be paid for in installments to up to 12 months later.