Buy now, pay later catalogs with instant credit approval are available online and in print form from a few different companies, but it can be hard to figure out which ones are legitimate and which ones aren’t worth applying for, especially if you have bad credit.  In this article, I’d like to share some of the catalogs offering instant credit approval shopping, along with some information you have to keep in whenever you use line of credit websites or magazines.

Buy Now Pay Later Catalogs for Bad Credit – Instant Approval

The following list of instant credit approval catalogs will help you get started.  While there are some others which provide this type of option, these are some of the better known and reputable sellers.  Take a look and see if these are for you.

Fingerhut:  From apparel to sporting goods, health and beauty items, baby merchandise, and even toys, you can find just about every single credit line you can imagine from this company.

Seventh Avenue:  Fitness items, home décor, jewelry and other merchandise can be purchased through their online catalog.  Prices are good and the application for credit is pretty easy, so check them out and see if they have items you want now.

GrandPointe:  From electronics to outdoor goods, with lots of merchandise lines in between, you can find it all with payments as low as $7.99 per month.

Collections Etc.: They offer deferred billing at checkout, making it a great place to shop now without having to pay the bill right away.  You’ll find all kinds of items there, including seasonal and holiday merchandise.  They even have a special clearance section, where the savings can be very substantial, so be sure to check it out.

Ginny’s:  Furniture, bedding and bath merchandise, and even toys and appliances can be purchased from this online seller.  You can be approved or denied within 60 seconds, so you won’t have to wait long.  Repayment terms have low minimum monthly payments due.  You'll love the deferred billing options when you shop this online catalog.

Department Store Credit Cards:  Most department stores have their own credit cards, which you can use to shop.  Many of them offer instant approval with a short online application form and credit check, but virtually none offer no credit check.  Department store credit cards are by Visa or MasterCard with Walmart, Kmart, Sears, and Target, among others, like Home Improvement retailers.

Common Issues with Bad Credit Bill Me Later Shopping Websites

In the list of pros and cons, these things would be considered a negative aspect of buying from these merchants.

Higher Prices:  Most are somewhat competitive, but most are a little on the high side of the competitive range.  Many buyers are willing to pay a premium for getting the gifts and clothing or other merchandise they need if they can get approved for credit.

Off Brands:  You will find a lot of off brand names, which might be okay, depending on what you’re looking to get at the buy now pay later catalogs which approve you for credit instantly.

High Interest:  Interest rates can be rather hefty from these website merchants.  Don’t expect to pay under 10% and don’t be shocked if the interest rates are near 20%, since many of the websites cater to bad credit shopping.

Benefits of Bill Me Later Catalogs

There will always be pros and cons to using these types of shopping sites.  The list below represents some of the most common benefits the buyers like. 

No Waiting:  Instant credit approval catalogs are a good way to order clothing, electronics, or even household goods like furniture right now, without having to wait around for your application to be processed, or to save the money you need.  It’s much more convenient than a personal loan as well.

Great for Last Minute:  Last minute shoppers will like the ease and convenience, especially if they don’t have the funds saved up to make purchases.  Add the option for overnight or expedited shipping and it’s a great way to purchase what you need right away.

Multiple Sellers:  Since there are several of them out there, you can comparison shop and look for the best prices and terms of financing.  This will help you save money on your purchases, so you don’t have to pay more than needed.

Common Gimmicks Used at Buy Now Bill Later Shopping Websites

Many of the sites that sell this way are prone to using special gimmicks to make the deals sound much better.  While some might advertise a percentage off the purchase price, many of them use slightly different tactics to appeal to buyers.

Specials for Christmas Shoppers:  This is the busiest time of year for these types of catalogs, since many of the people shopping with them have bad credit, limited funds saved for Christmas gifts, and are generally just looking for a place to buy the merchandise, toys, clothing, and electronics they need.

Free Shipping:  Bill me later shopping with free shipping is a good gimmick, since many people don’t want to have to pay to have the items delivered to their homes.   These specials run during Christmastime, up to the very end, where last minute shoppers

No Payments for Specified Time:  No payments for 90 days and sometimes no payments for 6 months with buy now pay later catalogs and websites are common, but in general, they are not always zero interest during the promotional period, so it will still accrue.

No Interest:  Zero interest isn’t going to happen with most of them for much longer than 6 months, but you still want to see what you can find.  Keep in mind that most will have a special clause which allows them to charge you the financing charges you would have accrued, if you don’t pay it off before the promotion expires. 

Buy now pay later catalogs and online shopping sites with instant credit approval are a good option for many people.