The oak end table has become a very popular piece of furniture. Typically, you will find these amazing end tables at the ends of the couch or displayed next to a comfy leather chair. Maybe you have a room that is missing a piece of furniture; an oak end table can be that piece.

An oak end table goes well with many other pieces of furniture that you may have in your home. Leather sofas, wooden cabinets, antique mirrors are a few of the many items that may benefit from the presence of an oak end table in the room. If you are trying to replace your furniture but you are on a limited budget, you may need to buy a piece or two at a time. It will really help bring out the allure of the other pieces that you have in your home.

Oak furniture is extremely versatile and can be used in any/every room of your home. The living room can feature oak end tables in conjunction with a coffee table, bookshelves and entertainment centers. The bedrooms can display a bedroom furniture set of night stands and dressers. For the kitchen and dining room, there are dining room tables and chairs, kitchen tables, microwave stands, and much more.

Choosing an Oak End Table

Oak end tables can make great additions to your home. The beauty and appeal that they add to certain rooms is often very noticeable. Oak end tables go along very easily with many decoration styles. They can enhance many locations within your house, especially if you have empty spaces.
What should you look for when choosing an end table? You will want to purchase something that is sturdy and will stand the test of time. There are many different styles of oak end tables to choose from in a variety of styles. There are delicate designs with a subtle charm and designs with flare that will stand out and be noticed. It all depends on the effect you're trying to create.

Oak end tables can come in handy in many ways. You can use them beside a chair or couch to put your lamps on and maybe an object or two - such as a picture frame or book. You can also combine two oak end tables in place of a coffee table. This way you wouldn't need to purchase a coffee table and you would have furniture items that can be easily moved around when you redecorate or have to create extra space. You can also use oak end tables beside the bed as a night stand. They are perfect places for a book, lamp, plant or alarm clock.

Oak end tables are study enough to set some of your heavy objects on and not have to worry about the table breaking down, so potted plants and ceramic pots, or whatever other decorative items you have, can probably be set upon your oak end table without much risk.

Many people choose end tables because they are both versatile and heavy duty. They are very easy on the budget as well. So if you are on a limited budget, the oak end table could fit right in.

Where to find Oak End Tables
When you are shopping for an oak end table, where do you look? Many retail stores will have the end tables. You can also look in furniture stores, such as Cohen's, Lee's furniture, furniture outlet stores and sometimes department stores such as Kmart or Wal-Mart will have different types of furniture.

Alternatively, you could also browse online stores to see what they have. They will show you numerous pictures and maybe even have a virtual tour of their store. If you check the newspapers and classifieds online you can also find some nice but very inexpensive tables for sale by private parties. They have either gotten new furniture and want to sell theirs or they are moving and just don't want to pack up what they have because they are taking a few objects only. These could be target places to look when you are trying to find deals on oak end tables.

The Montos Colombo Table

The Montos Colombo Table is a special kind of table made of oak. This table is 740mm high and has dimensions of 1500mm. The table has two axles that provide the table with a stable balance. The beams have a cut surface at the top and bottom of the table. The table will be stained in either an oak stain or an oak carbon color. The glass top is tempered glass for safety and is cut to 12mm in thickness. The legs of the table can be finished in an oak or carbon oak finish.

Whatever oak end table you decide to purchase, you can be confident that it will add a touch of class to the room, as a great combination of decoration and functionality.