What is an occasional table?
A decorative, small table is an occasional table. The term, "occasional table", is used to encompass things like end tables, lamp tables, sofa tables, coffee tables and so forth. Occasional table designs can have a wide variety and many companies sell table sets that are designed to coordinate both with each other and with the design scheme of the room they are for. Many furniture stores sell occasional tables; you can also custom order on if you cannot find a model that suits your needs.

An occasional table needs to generally be small enough that it does not have an immensely practical use; it is meant for decoration or display, in order for it to be considered an occasional table. A small kitchen table would not be an occasional table, since it is designed for people to sit and eat at. A large coffee table would be an occasional table, since it is used to display decorations.

A well placed occasional table can affect a room dramatically. People can use them to display and elevate lamps; an occasional table at the end of a couch, for example, can hold a lamp in reach for a seated reader. It can quickly help accentuate a room without drawing any attention to itself when the table goes well with the available decor. Sometimes, an occasional table may come with a shelf or a drawer, offering additional space, which can be very useful for storing books, papers, or other odds and ends.

Materials used to make occasional tables vary greatly. This is why you can find them made in many different types of woods or metals with inlays in wood, glass, ceramic or metal. A lot of companies make occasional tables that are meant to blend with a certain theme, like, for example, Chippendale or Mission style furniture. An occasional table, depending on its design, can be fragile, because the furniture makers often build them with slim legs and minimal bracing, so they don't look too bulky.

Types of Occasional Tables

The term "occasional table", is used to describe tables that are not like a dining table or a desk. Certain tables that do not have one specific use or could be moved to many areas or rooms in the house fall into the occasional table category;

Coffee Tables

Two terms that are used to reference the same type of table, are, "coffee" and "cocktail". Tables that are low and usually placed in front of a couch to hold a beverage, the remote control or a phone charge are called coffee tables. Occasional tables are also often used to display objects, such as coffee table books. Coffee tables are used in living rooms, family rooms, furnished porches and in other sitting-type areas.

Console Tables

Console tables and sofa tables are the same type of table; long, rectangular tables, that are just a bit higher than waist height of an individual. Tables that are made to be against a wall are console tables. A "sofa table" gets the name when placed behind a floating sofa, which is a sofa that doesn't have its back against a wall. Original console tables were extravagantly carved and gilded with precious metals. They are often placed in foyers, hallways, dining rooms and living rooms and used as extra surfaces for lamps, purses or car keys.

How to Use Occasional Tables to Suit Your Mood
Occasional tables can be used to display many items such as display flowers and pieces of crystal. They can act as a pedestal for lamps and many more items. Occasional tables have other functionalities such as using up empty living space. Some occasional tables, made from sturdy solid-wood end tables or other block-style end tables can be stored underneath coffee tables. This way you could pull out for extra seating or table space for extra guests.

Occasional tables are easily rearranged and not too expensive to replace. People can buy tables in matching sets or can get them separately. Sets can be matching, but that does not necessarily mean they come together. One could purchase end tables that are the same shape, in the same color family, but have them in different sizes to add dimension.