Is there a difference between unofficial and official soccer jerseys? There is a big difference. Official soccer jerseys are licensed by the club and player they represent. This usually means they cost more, they have an emblem on them that makes them official, and they are upheld to a higher standard of quality. If you are deciding whether you want to buy an official soccer jersey there are a few things you should consider in your buying process.

How important is quality, how much money do you want to spend and for what purpose will you be using the jersey? Answering these three questions will lay a framework for finding the official soccer jerseysright official soccer jersey for you. When you are setting out to express your fan hood you want to make sure you make the best decision for you. Every time you throw that jersey on you want to make sure its perfect. If you paid too much or it looks worse than it should, you won't be happy to sport it.

What Should You Consider When Buying Official Soccer Jerseys?

How much money do you want to spend? While this isn't the end all be all, you should be able to ball park it. Get an idea of how much you're willing to spend on a jersey for your favorite player on your favorite team. Do you want your jersey to be awesome or super awesome? That should play a contributing factor in what jersey you decide to buy.

When you're picking out your jersey consider how often you will be wearing it. You want it to be something you feel good about throwing on. If it is a piece of junk, you won't feel good in it and you probably won't choose to wear it that often. Spending less on a jersey you won't wear is a bigger waste of money than anything.

If you want to buy a jersey as a fan, you may want to buy something different than what a player would need. A soccer player needs a jersey that can soak up sweat, get washed multiple times a week and withstand the rigors of a long season. As a fan you won't be close to as hard on your jersey. You may not need to spend big money on a jersey because of it.

When you understand exactly what you need, and what is most important to you, you can move on with your decision to buy an official soccer jersey.

Where Can You Buy Official Soccer Jerseys

If you want a soccer jersey for the sake of fan hood, you can buy it just about anywhere. The first place I would suggest you look is ebay. They have millions of auctions running every day and you're bound to find a deal that fits your budget. If you aren't concerned about buying counterfeit jerseys you have nothing to worry about. They are not all counterfeit on ebay, but there might be a few sprinkled in here and there. The best way to avoid buying a counterfeit is by learning the ins and outs of the jersey you want to buy. Learn exactly what it should look like. Once you do that you will be able to spot a counterfeit instantly.

If you want to buy your jersey elsewhere you might find what you are looking for at Amazon is the internets largest retailer and they sell almost everything known to man, including official soccer jerseys. Amazon carries its own inventory and they allow third party distributors to sell items as well. The selection that will offer you will give you a good chance of finding exactly what you're looking for.

How Much Will An Official Soccer Jersey Cost?

An official soccer jersey will usually run you between $40-$70 dollars. It all depends on where you buy it and the jersey you select. If you buy a popular jersey from a vendor at the stadium you might even end up paying more than $70. If price is an issue and you want to get the best one possible, put in some time. There are enough online sources where you can shop around and find a good deal on the best soccer jersey you can find.

When you're shopping for your jersey make sure you know exactly what you need and what you're comfortable spending. Getting an official soccer jersey you feel good about will make throwing it on your back a satisfying experience every time.