There are many reasons you should buy organic whey protein powder, even if you are not looking to take up weightlifting and bulk up.  In this article, I would like to answer virtually all of your questions about this type of product.  If you would like to make a purchase, you can find it for sale in a number of different places.

Amazon, eBay, GNC, and even regular department stores are all great places to buy organic whey protein powder.  Be sure to compare prices and quality before you make any purchases.  The level of quality you will find will vary greatly by price, so don’t assume the cheapest option to always be the best.  Be sure to do some homework, so you can bet a quality powder and not pay too much for it.

Where Does Whey Protein Come From?

This product comes from milk.  It is made during the process of turning milk into cheese.  This means organic whey is actually a by-product of milk.  In other words, this is a natural product that can be healthy for you, when used properly and responsibly.  This is comforting to many different people, especially those looking to build muscle mass.

Whey Protein Concentrate VS Isolate

The concentrate is very low in fat.  Normally, about 75% of the product is pure protein by weight.  By contrast, whey protein isolate is more pure.  The fats and lactose are removed and stripped from the product and the result is about 90% protein by weight. 

It is always safe to assume you will pay more for organic whey protein powder when you look to buy.  It is also safe to assume you will pay more for isolate form, since it is more pure.   Just keep this in mind as you are price shopping and trying to determine what is going to be the best option for you and your body.  Quality products will command a higher price.  You will find many companies use filler of sorts to put out a great big bottle of organic whey protein that you can buy cheap, but the powder will contain less actual whey than smaller bottles.  Don’t assume the cheap stuff is the best for you.  You might get less for your money with a cheap supplement.

What Organic Whey Protein Does

It provides your body fuel, so to speak, for muscle building, strength enhancement, and recovery through a great amino acid balance.   This means the product can help you to get bigger and stronger and help you muscles recover between workouts.   This is great news for many health fanatics, professional athletes, and those looking to increase muscle mass.  In addition, it can also increase your metabolism, which will help you lose fat and add lean muscle.   This is a great benefit to using organic whey protein in conjunction with a great workout.

Other Foods High In Protein

You will not find actual organic whey protein in most of the foods you eat.  While you can find it in some of the supplements and energy bars you might buy, it is not in any ‘regular’ foods.  The list below simply represents some of the foods you can buy that are very high in protein.

Chicken:  About 20% of the weight will be protein.  While it is not organic whey, it is great for helping to build muscle and aid them in recovery between workouts.  If you are not already eating chicken (and turkey) you might want to add it to your diet soon.  It is a good food to eat and it is very high by weight.

Red Meat:  You will get about 20% by weight, assuming you select lean cuts.  It is important to trim the fat before you eat and cook, whenever possible, to decrease fat intake and increase the protein percentage by total weight.  Just use caution in making sure you select lean cuts whenever possible and trim all visible fat for best results.

Eggs:  Eggs have always been known as a very good, cheap source of protein.  While only about 8% of the body weight actually is protein, it is still a very high amount.  Do not fry them in butter or anything like that or you will just be adding fat.

Cheese:  Cheese is all over the place; it varies greatly.  Some are as low as 10%, while others are almost 30%.  Check the label carefully before you make a selection. The only drawback here is cheese is pretty high in fat, which can be counterproductive to what you are trying to do.

Fish:  This is about 20% protein by weight for most species.  This makes fish a great, healthy option, especially when you consider how lean and virtually fat free it is.  Add some fish to your diet if you have not already. 

Common Reasons To Use Organic Whey Protein

There are reasons that you can use this type of product that go beyond bodybuilding.  In the list below are just a few more reasons you might want to buy this type of product.

Supplement:  I am not just suggesting athletes buy organic whey protein as a supplement.  According to many studies, vegetarians can benefit a great deal from this type of product and use it as a great way to get a proper balance into their diet.

Cancer Treatment:  Scientific studies are showing it to be an effective supplement for anyone going through cancer treatment.  The organic whey protein powder itself is not a treatment.

Wound Healing:  Bodybuilders use this type of product to aid in muscle recovery.  Scientists are starting to look at this more carefully and are finding it can be beneficial for medical purposes as well.  This type of product is pretty versatile.

Elderly:  As we get older, we lose muscle mass.  Taking an organic whey protein powder can help to offset at least some of the loss the elderly go through as they get older.   Many elderly people buy organic whey protein powder as a dietary supplement and to keep them strong as they age.