Need To Buy A Phone But Don't Have The Money?

In this day and time, why do people still need to use a buy now pay later option when purchasing a cell phone or a landline home phone? The answer is simple, because in this day and time there are people who cannot buy a phone outright and need to be able to get a cell phone or a landline home phone on credit.  Not everyone is in the same situation and not everyone has the same means.  The buy now pay later option is good for many things and phones are no different.


 Why Use buy Now Pay Later To Purchase a Phone?

 As stated above, not everyone has the money to buy a phone outright and if you need a phone right now, the buy now pay later program through many of these online shopping catalogs are a good option for you. It is up to you after reading the terms and conditions and calculation the actual costs after adding in the interest rates if this option is right for you.


Is It Worth Getting A Buy Now Pay Later Phone With The Interest Rates?

You will have to decide this.  Interest rates vary by state, just like using a charge card.  Interest rates will also vary with credit history.  Before you purchase a buy now pay later phone, crunch the numbers, because you may be able to get deals on a prepaid phone from places like WALMART.COM or AMAZON.COM.  


Is It Easy To Qualify For Credit And Use Buy Now Pay Later To Buy A Phone?

If you decide to use the buy now pay later method to buy a cell phone or a landline phone, the credit requirements for getting credit from a buy now pay later paper catalog or online catalog are much more relaxed than if you were trying to get a credit card from a bank or financial institution. Although you will have to go through a credit check in most cases, you are more likely to get credit from one of these buy now pay later online sites or catalog than you would from anywhere else.  

A Few of the Best Buy Now Pay Later Phone Sites includes:


Here are some Options in Buy Now Pay Later Phones or Choose N' Charge Phones 


Bluetooth Cell-link HD Phone by Uniden

This Uniden HD phone is a great option for both a home phone and a home business phone.  At a price of $169.99 you can pay for this phone using a buy now pay later option through Seventh Avenue.

Phone Features:

Bluetooth Cell-link HD Phone by UnidenCredit: Seventhavenue

This phone has some great features which include:

2 handsets which can be expanded up to 12 (which makes this great for a business line whether at home or otherwise)

Bluetooth Cell-Link

A record time of 16 minutes

Menu options for three languages which are French, Spanish and of course English

Built in digital answering machine

Option for a longer battery life with the ECO mode technology and also great HD sound

The ability to add about 4 Bluetooth cell phones and a built in cell phone charger port

Can also transfer up to 1500 phone numbers and names from the built in phonebooks

Base: 6 3/4" w x 2" h x 3 1/2" d  and also include belt clips (2) and battery packs (2).



Jitterbug Phone

This great Jitterbug Phone costs $119.95 but through Ginny's, you can get it through its Choose N' Charge program for only $20.00 per month.


Jitterbug PhoneCredit: Ginny'sJitterbug Cell PhoneCredit: Ginny's


This might look like an older version of a cell phone, however it is simple to use and a great option for students and seniors. All you do is flip it open and start dialing.  There is nothing complicated about this simple cell phone.  No contracts, no cancellation fee, no hidden traps!

For seniors or those with vision impairments, the screen has large numbers and letters that are easy to read.  The command prompts are simple "yes" and "no" and not complicated at all.  You don't need a Ph.D., to use this cell phone, yet you have the same benefits of voicemail, voice dialing, text messaging, phonebook and calendar and much more.  This cell phone is also Bluetooth compatible.


Corded Desktop Phone by RCA

This is a less expensive RCA desktop phone for $59.95, but you can also pay $20 per month through Seventh Avenue's Choose N' Charge program.

Corded Desktop Phone by RCACredit: Seventhavenue

This phone is a simple home phone with large keypad buttons that are easy to read.  There are no bells or whistles here either.  It is a simple phone with all the modern conveniences which include speed dial, caller ID, speakerphone and other great features.  It is also wall-mountable and hearing aid compatible. 

Corded Phone with 3 Cordless Handsets by Motorola

This nice phone set is great for business or even a large household.  The cost of this Motorola set is $149, however you can buy now pay later through Seventh Avenue for $20 per month.

Corded Phone with 3 Cordless Handsets by MotorolaCredit: SeventhavenueSome features of this phone set include:

DECT 6.0 sound and a 15 minute recording time with the answering machine.  

Last call memory of 30

Base phone is corded which is great for power outages while the three headsets are cordless for ease and usability.

This phone has everything you would expect in a Motorola phone including caller ID, speaker phone, call waiting capability, voicemail etc.  

"Corded base is 6 3/4" w x 3 1/2" h x 7 1/2" d; handsets are 2" w x 6 1/4" h x 1" d; stands are 3 3/4" w x 2 3/4" h x 3 1/2" d"


Retro Phone and Bank

Again from Seventh Avenue, this retro phone brings back those days of the pay phone and phone booths for those old enough to remember them.  It is also a a phone bank that you can use to save money. It has a distinctive ring that adds to the nostalgia and is easily wall mountable.  The cost of this nostalgic phone is $99.99 but you can get it for $20 per month on the Choose N' Charge program.

Retro Phone and BankCredit: Seventhavenue

Motorola Cord/Cordless Phone Set

This Motorola corded base with one cordless phone set is also available from Seventh Avenue through its Choose N' Charge program for $20 per month.


Motorola Cord/Cordless Phone SetCredit: Seventhavenue
Like the Motorola phone set above, this one has similar features which include: DECT 6.0 sound quality and a speaker phone with every unit.  This unit can expand up to 5 cordless phones, which is great for expanding businesses or expanding households.
As stated above, before you get a cell phone or landline phone using the buy now pay later option, first check out some cheaper options with pre-paid cell phones and perhaps you can work to save and buy the phone you want outright.
Samsung a157 GoPhone (AT&T)
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Motorola EM326g Prepaid Phone (Net10)
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