Here in the last week 17-year old Melanie Oudin has been racking up the upsets and running up her popularity at the U.S. Open. Her charming features and ability on the courts are earning her more fans by the day. But there is something else that this teenage star is doing that is drawing some major attention. I'm talking about those pink Adidas shoes that has everyone buzzing wondering where to get those sneakers.

What many people may or may not know is that those pink Adidas shoes worn by Melanie Oudin are custom made for the teenage phenom. The major shoe company has said in the past that they will not be reproduced for public sale. We will see about that one as more and more people start to request those magical sneakers worn by the 17-year old beauty.

The design itself is pretty interesting and you would wonder if they ever would've gained any attention if not for Melanie Oudin pulling off these upsets on the tennis court. On one side they have a pink and black striped cover and on the other side there is a pink hard cover. Then of course the shoe laces are black which matches up well with all the colors. One thing that they are playing up is the word believe that is written on the heel. This is a sort of inspiration used by the young athlete when going up against opponents.

I think that the Adidas better realize that they could be passing up on something big here with these pink shoes worn by Melanie Oudin. Young girls all over the country are gonna be looking to find sneakers just like those to wear on and off the tennis courts. I'm sure if Adidas doesn't put the shoes out there for sale to public then another company will jump on the opportunity and release some that close enough to the original design that many consumers will opt to take that route.

For the time being there isn't a way to get a pair of the pink Adidas shoes worn by Melanie Oudin. But that doesn't mean they will remain unavailable in the near future. Any day those tennis sneakers could go up for sale to the public on the official site. I the meantime just keep watching Melanie Oudin and wish her the best of luck in her tennis career. Maybe we will see more variations of the magical pink Adidas shoes down the road.