Portable Welders - Convenient Welding Tools

Advances are made every day in all aspects of our daily life. From the cars that we drive to the communications devices that we use, advances are continually being made. For many of us, our careers are not any different. Some careers require more education than others and we knowingly choose those careers that require a little extra work. One career that requires more training and education is welding. Welding is a career that involves more training than some and a certain amount of skill, but advances in technology are making welders easier and more convenient to use all of the time. The invention of portable welders is one of these advances. Although training is still important no matter what kind of welder that you use, with portable welders you have the convenience of being able to go to the job instead of having the job come to you. There are several advantages to owning portable welders and no real disadvantages and in most cases they are preferred over older welders because of this.

Portable welders are much more convenient than older welders for several reasons. They can be used anywhere you need them without having to relocate the job you are doing and there is no need for wires, which makes repairs easier when you are in the middle of a job. Not having to worry about dropping the welding wire while you are in the middle of a job means that you can focus more on what you are doing – making the job that much safer. Portable welders are also lighter and more compact while still maintaining many of the same features as a regular welder, which makes them preferred for simple jobs that would take longer to complete otherwise. They can easily be moved from one location to another and can be done without injuring yourself or someone else in the process. Portable welders also offer the convenience of being able to weld without having to find an outlet before you begin. Shorter welding jobs can be accomplished using a portable welder that runs off of batteries, for around 20 minutes of weld time. If your weld job is in an inconvenient location that makes a standard welder hard to use, then a portable welder can be a great alternative.

Two types of portable welders available are the stick welder and the MIG welder. The stick welder is cheaper than the MIG but price is not the only factor that you would normally consider when buying a welder, so it should not be the case for portable welders either. There are other factors that you should consider when you are looking at portable welders, such as welder voltage, the thickness of material that you are trying to weld and welder cycle time, or how long you will be able to weld before you need to recharge. The protective gear that should be worn when using portable welders is the same as for regular welders, but the equipment is even more important due to the varying places that it is used. Standard welders are typically used in a stable work area where the elements rarely change, where portable welders may not be. You may be in one building one day and on the other side of the city the next.

Regardless of where you are using your welder, portable welders offer the convenience of easy travel and quick work. No matter what kind of job you are doing, a portable welder will make it easier to travel to your job instead of having to bring your job to the welder, without having to haul a trailer or own a truck in order to do it. This may even allow for tasks to be completed more efficiently and give you more time to move on to the next one. There is not as much time needed to set up the welder and get started on the job, which means that the job can be finished that much sooner than normal. No matter what benefits of portable welders catch your attention first, they are sure to do so. If welding is a part of your career, or simply a hobby in your spare time, portable welders can get the job done in less time and with only half the hassle of a standard welder.