Prescription Motorcycle Goggles: The Original Pair

Most of would think that prescription motorcycle goggles are a recent invention, but they've been around for at least the last 30 years. In 1979, Leonard Maggiore, optician, invented flying and motorcycle goggles for those with less than perfect vision that wanted to enjoy the rush of high-speed sports. Since then there have been many makers of prescription motorcycle goggles of varying designs, but Maggiore will always hold the title that no one else can – the pioneer. Maggiore's is still operational, and you can buy your goggles directly from them.Prescription Motorcycle Goggles

Prescription Motorcycle Goggles: The Silver Cross From Maggiore

One of their first models to be popularized was originally designed for the British Royal Air Force. They soon became such a hit that they were soon adopted for less aerial purposes like motorcycle riding. Users with prescription eyeglasses need only send in their prescriptions with the order, and shortly after be owners of brand new Silver Cross prescription motorcycle goggles. The goggles are well-fitting and form perfect insulation against the wind and the cold. They have heavy-duty adjustable straps that can be worn over or under the helmet, or even without a helmet. Lamination on the glasses makes them highly scratch-resistant; perfect for the kind of tough usage they'll usually have to endure. At $200 these might seem a little steep to keep the wind out of your eyes, but users are effusive in their praise for the product. Besides, the number of years that they've been successfully sold is proof of their worth. Optional photo-grey lenses are an extra $20, and for $30, you can have bifocal lenses fit as well so you don't have to stop and change glasses to read the road signs. If you're a frustrated, teary-eyed motorcycle rider, maybe you should try a pair of these.

Two-Digit Prices For 5-Star Protection

For really great deals on prescription motorcycle goggles, you can go to sites like where you'll find low-cost options in the sub-$100 range. They come with optional shatterproof polycarbonate transitional lenses that go from clear to smoked and back depending on light conditions. They also have UV400 protection filters for the best radiation protection on goggles such as these. Adjustable vents and soft foam will keep you cool and comfortable on those warm days. They also offer bifocals (for near and distance vision) and progressive lenses (the ones without the line running across the middle). You can also opt for polarized lenses, in either brown or smoked finish, and even choose tinted versions. They're pretty durable as well – all of their models are guaranteed for a year and ship anywhere in the world for $5!

Branded Prescription Motorcycle Goggles

If you're looking for some prescription motorcycle goggles from popular brands like Wiley X and Bolle, you can find them at With thousands of sunglasses and goggles to choose from, you're sure to find more than a few that will really appeal to your sense of style as well as your optic nerves!

Wiley X offers some very cool options on prescription motorcycle goggles. The standard goggles with prescription inserts start at a very reasonable $81for the CQC model and go up to about $165 for the SG-1 with built-in bifocal lenses. Bolle has a great range of insert-type goggles, called the Adaptor, which retails at a discounted price of $85. These award-winning creations are quite possibly the "best in class" for this price band.

Yours Certifiably!

There are a lot of other manufacturers making high-quality prescription motorcycle goggles, with a lot of the same features already mentioned. When buying a pair, make certain that it carries certification for quality as well as protection, such as CE and UV rating. You won't want to take any chances with your eyes, especially with a potentially dangerous pastime like motorcycle riding; a good pair of prescription motorcycle goggles will let you enjoy your ride without the discomfort of wind, smoke and dust in your eyes.