Proform Exercise Equipment: Leader Of The Pack

Proform is a clear market leader in treadmills, ellipticals and exercise bikes. They're way ahead of the competition in terms of innovation – usually the first ones to come out with new ideas in fitness training; case in point is their iFit and iFit Live interactive training systems, the world's first interactive fitness solution. They seem to have a great pulse on the consumer home exercise market, and are usually on the ball when introducing new products, which are immediately lapped up by their fans.

Proform Exercise Equipment: Not Your Typical Run-Of-The-Mill Product

Their treadmills are considered to be some of the best in the market, loaded with features up to their console tops. In fact, the 590T from the Proform exercise equipment elliptical range recently won the 'Best Buy' award from a leading consumer magazine. Their ever popular veteran of the walk and jog, the 995 SEL, was a top favorite as well, and had rave reviews coming out of its ears, until they replaced it with the Proform GSX 6.0, once again light years ahead of its time. It comes with the standard isolated cushioning system that reduces spinal impact, a 2.75 hp Mach Z motor and an upgraded running surface, commingled with an LCD display and convenient folding ability. With these features, one would expect it to cost at least over $1000 – not so with this surprising piece of technology; at under $600, this could be the piece of Proform exercise equipment that you've always wanted.

Proform Elliptical Exercise Equipment: The Ex Machine

Not to overshadow treadmills or anything, but elliptical trainers are what everyone wants nowadays. In most cases completely eliminating the impact factor, or at least minimizing it to a negligible amount, these relatively new entrants into the energy-expending exercise equation have penetrated homes across America the way Treadmills did back in the day. And Proform is not a company to slack off and let a golden opportunity like this pass them by. This is clearly seen in the variety of models they put out in a relatively short time, from the easily affordable 590E to the top-of-the-line 1200E, which features 1-Touch fifteen workout programs that can focus on anything from cardio to aerobics. The trade-marked CardioGrip heart rate monitor will give you accurate readings with a light squeeze on the grips. It comes with a one-touch resistance level control for changing gears on the fly, and spacious foot pedals for additional comfort. With features like this, the tag of $1299 seems more attractive once you try it out for yourself.

Incline Trainers From Proform: All Uphill From Here

Incline trainers are another range of specialty Proform exercise equipment. The XT 70, their base model, retails at $699 and comes with a powerful 1.75 CHP Mach Z motor. It also offers 24 intensity positions and up to 20 degrees of incline, making it perfect for a range of fat burn rates. The XT 70 is also compatible with iFit Live technology, and comes iPod ready, so all you need to do is log in and plug in, and you're all set for your burn time with the Proform XT 70. It also comes in another Avatar, the XT 90, with additional features.

Proform Exercise Bikes: Cardio Benefactors

Another branch in the family tree of Proform exercise equipment is the exercise bike range. The popular 290 SPX comes with a reliable chain drive and can support up to 250 lbs. It's simple to use, and a few adjustments to the handlebar is all you'll need to get started comfortably. A toe cage is included on the pedals for added stability. Although there's no console, at $299, it's still a bargain.

Proform exercise equipment also has a range of strengtheners and ab machines, some of which are trademark designs. With a price range of $49.99 to $999, you can take your pick and watch those pounds melt away in no time.