Apricot Kernel Oil - Natural Aromatherapy Essetial Oils

Apricot kernel oil is often associated to skin care. Apricot kernel oil is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B17 and E they also contain fatty, oleic and linoleic acids. The combination of these substances keeps the skin smooth and flexible with regular application. One should consider pampering himself to apricot kernel oil and experience its nourishing properties.

The Plant

The apricot tree (prunus armeniaca) is a small soft fruit that is yellowish orange in color belonging to the rose family and is a relative to the peach and almond. These fruits originated from central to East Asia and are now being cultivated around the world, from Persia to Japan. It is also grown in some parts of America and in other countries where the climate allows them to be raised. At the core of the fruit is the apricot kernel. The kernel contains 40-50% oil, which is then extracted. As a general rule in getting the oil, the kernel is cold pressed to maintain is nutritional content. Cold pressed oils also have much more complex flavors. These oils usually have a shelf life of 12 months or 1 year. To maximize the benefits apricot kernel oil offers, look for richly colored and strong smelling apricot kernel oil and remember to check labels to assure its authenticity.


Apricot oil is one of the most flexible oils. Culinary wise, it can be drizzled in salads and other food. It is not usually used in cooking because of its expensiveness. In Italian cuisine, many of the traditional dishes are incorporated with the bitter sweet flavor of apricot kernels. At times the kernel is used whole to make the Italian liquor Ameretto. Make sure that this apricot oil is labeled 'edible" because other companies, such as those in line with cosmetics, add stabilizers making the apricot kernel toxic and unsafe to those who are consuming it.

It is also a popular choice when one talks about skin care products and cosmetics. From lotions, creams, balms, soap – you name it. This is because apricot kernel oil is rich with vitamins which help retain the skin's elasticity, clarity and suppleness. It is also known to calm skin irritation. Apricot kernel oil penetrates the skin, making it soft and moisturized without the oily feel. Apricot kernels can also be crushed and used as facial masks to rejuvenate skin cells making the skin smooth and soft. It is perfect for dry skin and is friendly to all skin types. Children, adults and the elderly can use apricot kernel oils to moisturize without being too greasy. It is commonly used because of its mildness and fine gentle nature. Apricot kernel oil can also make the hair soft and shiny; it nourishes the roots as well as the strand. Regular application on the scalp is also known to promote hair growth too.

In massage oils, it is usually used as carrier oil. Carrier oil is used as a base in aromatherapy mixtures. They are mixed with essential oils to assist them in spreading out. Its application promotes healthy skin and through massage can also relieve stress, can nourish the body and even reduce pain by the soothing effects it offers. The benefits of a massage are maximized by the use of massage oils with high quality. Apricot oil use in massages varies in price depending on the quantity and brand but usually they go for 3-5 dollars for 4 oz bottles on online shops. Apricot kernel oil and products containing it can also be found in your local health and bath shops.


When purchasing any product, one must always do so with caution. Those with nut allergies are advised to consult their medical practitioner first before coming to contact with nut products such as apricot kernel oil. When utilized in massages, make sure if the essential oils being used are accompanied by carrier oil such as apricot kernel oil. This is because essential oils are highly concentrated and may irritate the skin. Also check sources of the product being used, look for true apricot oils. Through chemical reengineering and technological advances, people today are able to imitate scents without the actual use of the organic material. And it would be futile to use these fake products knowing that you can't get the medicinal properties of the plant being used.

As we can see, apricot kernel oil is one of Mother Nature's great gifts. All the possible uses of a single plant opens the opportunity for us to study other plants that can offer a more natural way of living and taking part in a healthier lifestyle.