Buying Pure Cocoa Butter to Treat Dry and Damaged Skin

Although skin cremes and beauty products purporting to contain cocoa butter are widespread and prevalent it can actually be quite difficult to track down products that contain only pure cocoa butter without the usual junky fillers and cheap greases that lesser quality cocoa butter products are cut with. Although finding 100% pure cocoa butter can be difficult, it can also be well worth the extra effort it takes to track it down. That's because of the number of wonderful healing properties that pure cocoa butter has, especially on skin that has been damaged or recently been through some manner of trauma. Pure cocoa butter has a very distinct appearance and smell. The color of pure cocoa butter is a rich yellow, and the smell is of rich chocolate. It is very soothing to rub 100% pure cocoa butter into damaged or itchy skin, as the essential oils in cocoa butter have an uncanny moisturizing effect.

What is Special About 100% Pure Cocoa Butter?

Where do we even get pure cocoa butter from? The chocolate bean pods that we harvest as the first step in making one of the world's most beloved foods, chocolate, contains natural fat within the cocoa beans inside the pod. This fat, gathered together, is cocoa butter. Although this pure cocoa butter fat is a solid at room temperature (and inside its container), it's melting point happens to be very similar to the normal temperature of the human body, making pure cocoa butter an ideal skin care agent, since it will immediately after application be easily absorbed by dry skin and achieve phenomenal coverage, even in small and sparing amounts.

Anecdotally speaking, many repeat users of pure cocoa butter claim that its consistent application to stretch marks on the body can make these unsightly lines begin to disappear or at least become less apparent over time and with repeated applications. This is still being verified by scientific studies and research, but there seems to be enough of a community following for this application of pure cocoa butter that there may well be something to the claims that it can help to make unsightly stretch marks less apparent.

Perhaps most exciting and interesting of all, pure cocoa butter is rich in substances known as polypenols. Researchers in both Britain and South Korea have found that these polyphenols not only have powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties but that they inhibit tumor growth in the skin cells of mice that were studied in order to draw out the relationship between pure cocoa butter and skin cancer prevention. Results are still in their initial stages and not yet entirely conclusive, but the primary indications are very exciting to say the least!