Buy Eucalyptus Oil for Cheap - Pure Aromatherapy Recipes

If a recurring problem in your nose becomes too much of a daily annoyance – so much that it makes the sense of smell practically irrelevant and sinusitis bad enough to actually cause a headache – a great solution would be to buy eucalyptus oil. Eucalyptus oil is one of the most readily available essential oils in the market today, alluding to its importance as a quick and effective answer to nasal problems.

Aromatherapy with eucalyptus oil, unlike other substances such as jasmine and cedarwood, is quite more accessible to the people. Drug stores, some convenience stores and health shops cater all sorts of eucalyptus-related products to the public, so availability is not a big problem if you plan to buy eucalyptus oil. Therapy with this oil relaxes the body with its cooling sensation; a day's worth of work is preferably followed by inhaling this aroma while resting. An immersion by its scent is a rather cheap and effective method of relaxation.


Eucalyptus trees, members of the myrtle family, are native to Australia; these trees constitute the largest percentage of individual timber species in Australian forests. These trees grow up from 3 m tall shrubs to gigantic 90 m behemoths. Eucalypti have leathery leaves shaped like lances and grow bell-shaped flowers. They play an important role in Australian fauna as these trees are the natural habitat of koalas. Aside from its usual place in the mountains Down Under, the hardiness and adaptability of these trees enable growers as far as California and Ethiopia to utilize the tree in construction of houses, ships and piers. Yet the most utilized part of the tree is its leaves, whether fresh or semi-dried, and young twigs. These plant parts are steam distilled until its essential oils are extracted.

Uses of eucalyptus oil

Almost always people like you buy eucalyptus oil mainly for its therapeutic abilities, antiseptic nature and as a pesticide. First, the aroma emanating from a boiling solution of eucalyptus oil and water packs enough action to cure a bad cold – sneezing and excessive sniffing included. The smell soothes the mucus linings inside the nose and alleviates swelling of the sinuses. It is a good antibacterial treatment for the respiratory system.

Eucalyptus oil as an antiseptic is made possible as this is generally used as an application to wounds; it is also a key component in some bath soaps and liniments. It is proven effective in warding off and killing dust mites in Australia. Other uses for this include food flavoring and gum making, and mixing a small amount in ethanol. Eucalyptus itself is a good fuel on its own, yet mass production of this is currently not conceivable due to high production costs.

Where to buy one?

As mentioned earlier in this article, people buy eucalyptus oil in pharmaceutical stores, convenience stores, health shops, spas, strip malls and department stores. The wide assortment of eucalyptus products and the sheer number of retailers make up for a lot of choices. You can opt for a small, cheap bottle of eucalyptus oil from the local drug store for individual usage. You can buy eucalyptus oil in bulk if you have an interest in retailing and plan to sell some to your friends and the neighborhood, or the community as well. If you have an itch to have the full therapeutic experience with eucalyptus oils and other essential oils, you might visit a spa nearby.

If you happen to own a PayPal account, or a credit card for that matter, you can strike the best deals online and buy eucalyptus oils with just a click. Just try logging on to retail websites like or, or you might be a little more specific and visit a supplier's site. There are deals for as low as $4.99 – it may or may not include freight and handling costs – are quite the norm. Countries that are leading growers and producers of eucalyptus oil are China, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, the United States and, of course, Australia. There might be great deals available in these producer countries; thus, more chances to buy eucalyptus oils on the cheap.


Buy eucalyptus oil when you have a history of both stress and respiratory tract ailments, or when you just needed a cool break after a hot day. As one of the best oils for use in aromatherapy, eucalyptus oil gives one the some bang in the buck; it still commands a following among those made better by the essence. Not only it is an important part of herbal therapy, eucalyptus oil figures to be a great thing as it takes the next step to play an important part in daily living.