Herbal Essential Oils - Aromatherapy Uses and Properties

Herbal essential oils are the essence of Mother Nature's healing powers. Not only do they heal, they beautify almost anything they touch. Herbal essential oils continue to supplement human health and beauty regimens and have been doing so for centuries.

What sets herbal oils apart?

Due to negative side effects caused by pharmaceutical drugs produced synthetically, herbal products are oftentimes preferred to ease certain types of sinuses, fungi, and many more. Herbal essential oils have been known to treat a variety of skin problems as well as cough, rheumatism, constipation and muscle and joint problems. Health benefits depend on the herb the oil was extracted from. These oils are a more natural way to treat illnesses and other health problems compared to pharmaceutical drugs. Researches on their medicinal properties have expanded since their start in the ancient times.


Aromatherapy is also one undeniable use for herbal essential oils. These extracts often give off strong scents that nourish the soul, inside and out. When their molecules are inhaled, they affect many parts of the brain. This helps to relieve stress, relax the muscles and provide a cleaner air for breathing.

In the kitchen, one may opt for herbal essential oils to provide that fresh, natural flavor. Some herbal essential oils have a menthol taste while others taste sweet. Aside from flavoring your cuisine, these oils also have natural health benefits in the body that help in digestion, circulation, and others, and provide many minerals and nutrients.

Other avenues for essential oils

Herbal essential oils are also used as primary ingredients in cosmetic soaps, lotions, perfumes, shampoos and so on. Their cosmetic abilities are very potent. The oils moisturize and purify the skin, softening wrinkles and age spots, even providing any passionate scent of choice. Herbal essential oils are absorbed by the skin and carried throughout the body via the circulatory system to reach all internal organs. On the hair, these oils provide a rejuvenating experience for damaged hair. After meticulous direct application, hair becomes softer and shinier, and even prevent hair fall.

During massages, herbal essential oils play a big role not just to smoothen the rubbing motions on the body, but they also have soothing effects on the nervous system, allowing for a greater relaxation of the body, mind and soul.

Speaking of souls, for some people, herbal essential oils are used during respective religious practices to enhance spiritual experiences and aid in their rituals, such as vision quests in some Native American cultures. These oils also aid in spiritual cleansing.

Roughly five billion people around the world still rely on traditional plant-based medicine as their prime form of health care and their tradition plays a big part in passing on the art of herbal healing. Most of these people take the herbs and grind them to take the herbal essential oil from within. However, there are now safer and more effective ways in extracting these oils from their herbs such as distillation, steaming, and others while ensuring the purity and effectiveness of the products.


It is important to note that before digesting herbal essential oils, make sure to drink them in relatively small amounts. If one starts suffering from side-effects, stop self-medication and see a doctor. Pregnant women are also at risk when taking in these oils unless their safety has been established.

Another caution before using these herbal essential oils is that many of these products contain synthetic fragrances instead of essential oils and thus do not have therapeutic substances. Some oils might also be toxic to the body and may also cause skin irritation if not diluted, and even mild seizures. The best way to avoid these complications is to review your product's background and check labels. Never take your safety for granted.

Where and for how much

Fine manufacturers are out there and there are many sources for these herbal essential oils. Some online shops provide good customer service and high quality products, although purchasing in local stores is much more effective as one can see how the bottles are stored or if they are properly handled. To name a few, excellent sellers include Manila Herbal & Essential Oils, Inc., Herbal Remedies and Aromatic & Herbal Oils. The price for essential oils would range from a few dollars to as expensive as 80 dollars.


Herbal essential oils are a part of man's past, present, and future. They are nature's gift to humans as all-in-one products for health, beauty and rejuvenation. Aside from synthetic products on the market, herbal essential oils are sure to give faster and more effective benefits. Just remember to be careful when applying or ingesting your oils, and take them in the right dosage and enjoy nature's intimate way to cleanse the body.