queer as folk complete series

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The Queer as folk Complete Series Set features all 5 seasons of the show and every single episode ever made. You will have literally hours of funs following the fortunes of the men and women in the show who we all know aren't straight and show just how glamorous it can be to be like that too! The main protagonists are Randy Harrison and Gale Harold and they couldn't have picked better actors to play the part as they fit it perfect. I love watching Gale pretending to be straight which creates some very interesting and well written scenes. The characters all interact really well with each other and have excellent chemistry which is a credit to the show itself.

The Queer as folk complete series is actually based on the original UK version of the show which was critically acclaimed and actually well worth checking out too. It is widely suggested that the USA version beats the UK one however they are both really excellent and brilliant TV all around. It should be noted that some of the scenes do get quite explicit so you definitely have to be quite mature to watch this show. The story quality and acting is excellent and you never feel like the explicit scenes are in there for the sake of it and there should be certainly no cringing.

The best thing about owning the Queer as folk complete series is that you can watch this show again and again. I regularly watch this on evenings and weekends with my partner if we can't find anything good on TV and we both love it. It sure beats much of the newer stuff and you can safely say there isn't anything else like it on TV!

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