Save Money By Buying Quinoa In Bulk

Buying quinoa in bulk and other gluten free grains is easily accomplished by shopping online at a variety of stores across the country including Amazon. Buying quinoa and other gluten free grains in bulk is cost effective once you know where to get the best deals. Quinoa is a gluten free replacement to wheat and bran cereals.  Other gluten free grains include amaranth, barley and millet.

There are plenty of recipes you can make with bulk quinoa and other gluten free grains such as side dishes, breakfast items, salads, pilafs, rice and casserole dishes. Adding vegetables, meats, poultry or seafood to quinoa enhances the seeds naturally nutty flavor. People who have celiac disease, gluten intolerance or simply prefer a gluten free diet can supplement their diet with gluten free quinoa.

Organic QuinoaOrganic quinoa is available in most major supermarkets, usually located near the rice. If you are buying it for the first time, it is recommended that you look for boxed quinoa. The boxes come with quinoa cooking instructions as well.  Quinoa can also be easily cooked in a rice cooker – it just as easy to do as cooking rice - just use the same amount of water that you would normally use to cook quinoa on the stove top.  Of course the relatively small boxes  available in supermarkets are quite expensive compared to buying quinoa in bulk online.

Buying gluten free grains in bulk is much less expensive than to buy the packaged products. Buying quinoa in bulk online and other gluten free products is really the best way to get the lowest price. You can buy many other gluten free grains online too such as amaranth and millet.  In addition there are also products available such as gluten free pasta that you can also buy in bulk.


Where To Buy Bulk Quinoa

One of the best places to buy quinoa in bulk online is through Amazon, which offers a range of bulk quinoa and other bulk gluten free grain products detailed below, including certified organic quinoa.

•    Buy bulk organic quinoa in 25 pound bags for a high protein, organically grown grain that is free of gluten, trans-fats, cholesterol and saturated fats. The price for this product as listed on Amazon is over $100. That may seem like a lot until you compare the cost of an 8 ounce box of organic quinoa in the grocery store. 

•    Roland quinoa comes in 25 pound bags, is pre-washed and priced at $99.54 on Amazon. The organic quinoa is ivory in color and provides proteins, fiber and essential amino acids in the tiny bead shaped grains.

Of course when buying quinoa in bulk online you get the best deals when buying larger amounts, but bulk quinoa is also available in 5 and 10 pound sizes as well and still represent a significant savings on your grocery bill when compared to buying the small prepackaged boxes of quinoa available in most supermarkets.

Alter Eco Organic Royal Pearl Quinoa, 25 lbs bulk bag
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(price as of May 28, 2014)
Organic Quinoa, 25 lbs. Bulk
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