Rubbermaid office products offer many office essentials both for organization and for office cleaning. The offering includes items from drawer organizers to the well recognized trash cans and mop buckets. These Rubbermaid products are virtually indestructible and will last for years.

Office Equipment Created by Rubbermaid Office Products

Office equipment that has been created by Rubbermaid office products includes heavy duty cleaning stations, mops and buckets. One exceptional product that can be included in public restrooms located rubbermaid office productseverywhere is the Rubbermaid Commercial Sturdy Station 2 which has an area for storage of liners and a hook for diaper bags. Designed for use for babies up to 50 pounds and with extra consideration to reduce pinching points this is an excellent product.

Many items used in the home have been upgraded for commercial use by Rubbermaid Office Products. Office cleaning products include a heavy duty commercial wastebasket, sturdy mop and an oversized dustpan to name a few. Signs featuring wet floor advisories are available for office use to prevent accidents before they happen. Another excellent product is a sturdy stepstool to reach files and folders placed on higher shelves.

Rubbermaid Commercial Utility Carts come in a variety of sizes with various features; however they all provide sturdy construction and easy rolling wheels. Several of the styles provide a locking compartment underneath to protect valuable items. The weight limits on the carts vary from 300 to 500 pounds ensuring that a TV/DVD player will be safe as well as a printer or computer. The utility carts feature at least two shelves including models with doors and color choices on different models which include beige or gray to blend into most office settings.

Rubbermaid office equipment offers an adjustable laptop stand with a combo hub to help keep laptops cool and protect them from overheating during use. They also offer a Sea Breeze odor control system for the office along with numerous cleaning supplies. Desk drawer organizers will help tidy clutter and give everything from scissors to envelopes a storage space. A desk drawer organizer is a spectacular time saver and stress buster whether searching for stamps, paper clips or pens.

Shopping for Rubbermaid Office Products

Shopping locally for Rubbermaid Office Products may or may not be an option depending on where you are located. Local office supply stores may carry some or all of the products or be able to order them. Some furniture stores may carry office products as well or at least have catalogues to look through.

Shop online for Rubbermaid Office Products by typing the specific term into a search engine and clicking on sites that feature the office supplies rather than for the home unless you are seeking drawer organizers which may serve double duty. Sources such as Amazon and ebay may be alternate places to search for new and used products. Office supply companies often carry Rubbermaid Office Products as part of their line and will help in locating hard to find items.

Prices for Rubbermaid Office Products

Prices vary considerably for Rubbermaid Office Products depending on what is being purchased. The utility carts for example begin at 200 dollars and go upwards of 500 for the largest cart. These carts come in models with shelves and doors and feature handles on the ends so that they may be easily moved from room to room. The Sea Breeze 9000 Series Odor Control System sells for $59.60 new. The laptop stand port costs $53.43 but may well extend the life of the laptop considerably by keeping it cooler. The Rubbermaid Commercial Sturdy Station 2 baby changing station can be found at just over 300 dollars with liners purchased separately, 320 liners for about one hundred dollars. Rubbermaid utility knives are just under 8 dollars and brooms are available beginning at about the same price. Shipping may be free on large items such as the utility carts which will be a great added savings.

Rubbermaid has developed an excellent reputation for long lasting durable products that stand up to daily use. This reputation has carried over into the Rubbermaid Office Products making many of these items such as the utility cart a purchase that will easily last for 20 years. Many of the Rubbermaid Office Products are designed to make the work they perform easier by being oversized yet light weight enough to not tire out the user. These items will handle being pushed, pulled and carried around the office as well as the occasional dropping or kick.