scented candles

If you're a candle fanatic like me, there are many ways to get all kinds of scented candles cheaper. They are more of a luxury and can be a big expense if you like quality ones. I've learned to build up a supply from some good resources.

You can bid on them  at E-Bay. By bidding on big  lots on E-Bay, you can save a ton of money and buy scented candles cheaper. You may have to bid on several lots at one time as they are really a popular item on E-bay. There are lots of brand new ones up for bid on E-Bay.

Go to some local yard sales, church sales or rummage sales. I have found that many people will sell an entire box or bag of these items very inexpensively. It may take a little routing around things and looking through boxes but it will be worth the effort. It seems to be an item you can always find at yard sales.

 Choose a mystery shop that allows you to choose merchandise as payment. This means you purchase scented candles during your shop and get reimbursements for the purchase. There are lots of places that sell them so you may find several shops per month that you can start stocking your supply. In this case you may get them for free if you stay within the amount agreed upon for the mystery shop.

Hold a candle demonstration in your home. Invite your friends and family. The hostess usually gets merchandise, according to the sales, which is money to spend on merchandise. In this case, you will get lots for being hostess of the party for free.

Look for them on clearance or markdown racks. In stores that sell candles, always visit the markdown rack to look for discounted merchandise. Some may be slightly damaged or there may be one missing in a set, but most of these items are worth the big markdown. If you visit stores that sell only candles you may find that they have buy one get one sale. You can also go online with these same stores and get coupons or purchase their discontinued items.

Shop for candles at discount stores like Wal-Mart. They have a nice selection of candles. They are not name brand candles but they are good enough at a cheaper price.

If you are patient and a smart shopper, you can get scented candles cheaper.