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Its official! You can now buy the Scrubs Complete Series DVD online for its cheapest, lowest and best price of all time. There are now really good deals to be had on all the Scrubs Complete Collection DVD sets including the complete first season to the complete final season 8. However, all fans of the show are saying they simply have to own the Scrubs Complete Series DVD as it really has to go down as one of the funniest and most addictive TV shows ever made. I will give you a quick review of the Scrubs Complete Series DVD just in case you were in two minds about buying for yourself.

You can buy the Scrubs Complete Series DVD best priced at Amazon and remember that includes all the seasons from 1-8 and every single episode ever made of the show. People are constantly searching online for a good scrubs complete collection and thankfully the network behind the show has released one! Along with that you also get a really cool bonus disc that is filled with deleted scenes, goofs, interviews and also behind the scenes clips too. You also get some physical extras too which are a collectible lenticular cover, your own personal sacred heart hospital ID card and a photo booth strip of the cast. The physical extras are always a nice touch and just show how popular the show is that they have gone to these lengths to include that. There is more then enough here to keep the most demanding fans happy!

The best thing about the Scrubs complete series collection is that the episodes are so fun to watch over and over again. Even though the show is still repeated a lot on TV I still enjoy the fact I can watch the episodes on demand at my own pace and with no commercials interrupting. Many people I know who watch scrubs are the same as me in that no matter how many times you see certain episodes they still manage to make you laugh! That just goes to demonstrate the clever humour and situations the writers have provided. This is one show that never gets old!

I do feel the Scrubs complete series collection is well worth owning as I find it great that I can easily just turn on an episode after a long day at work and have the crazy goings on at sacred heart cheer me up. If you are still new to the series then you wont regret buying the collection at all.

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