Following proper diabetic foot care you need to wear seamless diabetic socks all the time.  Not only do you need to buy diabetic shoes for work, diabetic boots, house shoes, and a good pair of diabetic walking shoes, but you also need to wear the right socks in those shoes.  The shoes may protect your feet from the outside world and they may conform to the contours of your foot but if you have socks that have elastic bands which limit blood flow to the feet and seams which create pressure points inside your shoe then you really aren’t doing yourself much good.

Seamless Diabetic Sock Prices

Seamless Non Elastic Diabetic Dress SocksThe price of seamless diabetic socks is obviously higher than that of normal socks but they really aren’t that high.  It’s easy to find good seamless socks priced under $10 which really should be a no brainer price to pay for added foot protection.  It may seem like a trivial price to pay for such a simple accessory but seamless socks for diabetics are usually made with materials which are designed to keep your feet dry as well as materials which do not bind and create pressure points at seams or otherwise.

Even a good pair of cotton diabetic socks (although they aren’t made from high end fibers) is always designed with diabetics in mind.  One of the other main foot problems diabetics have is blood circulation the feet.  Wearing diabetic socks can help improve circulation in the feet because they are made lacking an elastic band on the ankles.  They don’t compress the skin which can help significantly with circulation issues or peripheral artery disease.

Where To Buy Seamless Diabetic Socks

Athletic Diabetic Socks For MenOf course if you are a diabetic and you are OK doing everything nessesary to manage your health condition as best as you can then the extra cost of a few dollars per pair of socks is a small price to pay for a better prognosis over the long term; the question however remains where do you buy good seamless diabetic socks?  Most discount superstores which sell all types of clothing don’t have big sections for specialty clothing like seamless socks and not a lot of people have a diabetic supply warehouse on their local street corner.

As simplistic as it seems one of the best places to buy seamless socks is Amazon where many small and niche retailers sell many specialty items like this.  You can of course head over to specialty retailers online like American Diabetes Wholesale but Amazon has many of the same or similar items usually for more competitive prices.  In other articles we’ve discussed the importance of buying diabetic house shoes and diabetic slipper socks and all of these items and more can easily be found for less and in enough variety to have to shopping for the right pair of what you need and not just the only option available.

Some other options for diabetic socks may include high end sock brands like Thorlos socks.  This isn’t exactly a company which is known for producing medical or diabetic socks but they are known for selling some of the best socks on the market.  They have socks designed for all types of activities and many may be just right for your needs.  They are expensive but they may be worth looking into.