Many people all over the world use sheets to cover their beds. In many areas of the world, a second flat bed sheet is laid on top of the sheet covering the bed. If you're looking to buy sheets online you need to know what will fit your needs best. With all the choices out there, cotton, linen, rayon, bamboo fiber, blends of cotton with polyester, and many more, it can quickly become difficult to find a good set of sheets. Below I will list out some of the most popular sheets and places to buy sheets so that you can make a better decision as you buy sheets online.

Cotton Sheets

One of the most commonly used sheets of all time is the cotton sheets. Most likely popularized by the fairly cheap price, you see these sheets just about everywhere you can buy sheets. While there are different types of cotton, the average cotton sheet feels just like a cotton t-shirt. Sometimes you'll find hybrid cotton sheets that are mixed with polyester or a number of other things, basically just like you find shirts made out of mixed materials.

Linen Sheets

Linen is one of the oldest woven fabrics in human history. It is made of fibers from the flax plant. Although today is is rather common at one time this material was considered suitable only for royalty. Good quality linen is soft and largely free of the small knots often associated with it. However, most linen sheets are not high quality. Just a general rule of thumb, you get what you pay for. Linen is moth-resistant and repels dirt as well, making it great material for sheets. The biggest problem with linen is that it wrinkles easily and is hard to iron out. Besides the wrinkle problem linen sheets are a great crisp, cool and neat sheet.

Rayon Sheets


Exquisitely soft to the touch with a smooth, silken finish, bamboo rayon sheets are strong and durable. High quality rayon sheets will help keep hot sleepers stay cool and cold sleepers stay warm and comfortable. Rayon is a good sheet for people that have allergies because it won't absorb many bacterias that other fabrics will. These are often mistakenly labeled "silk sheets". You will often find that high quality rayon sheets are quite expensive but still cheap compared to others. There are many "fake" rayon sheets that seem to have the same feel at first but the low quality will quickly wear off after a few washes. A 100% bamboo rayon sheet set will average about 60-100 dollars.

Flannel Sheets

Flannel is a wool fabric, sometimes blended with either a synthetic fabric or cotton. Sheets made from flannel are incredibly warm and insulating thus they are most commonly used in colder climates or during the winter months. You won't find many people that use these when it's warm outside because they work extremely well to keep you warm. These are perfect for winter months.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

While Egyptian cotton is in the cotton family it is actually quite different and deserves it's own category. In fact, it is considered the "king of all cottons" due to its luxurious feel and its durability. Egyptian cotton sheets are considered to be some of the finest sheets available and not to mention, most expensive. It's common to find Egyptian cotton sheets well over $100 however they are well worth it. The common life for Egyptian cotton sheets are about 50-60 years if taken care of properly. Egyptian cotton used to be a lot more expensive but has come down over the past few years and you can now find it just about anywhere however you have to be careful of fakes or blended cotton sheets. Make sure that any sheet you buy says "100% Egyptian Cotton". Most online marketplaces carry Egyptian cotton in a range of thread counts and colors. It is not hard to find a decent set of sheets and like I said before, you get what you pay for.

Buy Sheets Online

Now that you know a little about sheets you need to know where to buy sheet online. The first place I would recommend looking is Amazon. Amazon has a high reputation to live up to so you will usually find the best stuff there. It is also possible to leave comments on items, which makes it great for not getting ripped off and I'll tell you now, people love to let you know if they got ripped off. If you don't find what you are looking for there I would suggest sites like SelectComfort or JCPenny's. Try to shop from well known sites to avoid scams or low quality sheets. Of course not all other sites are scams, but use them at your own risk. If something seems to good to be probably is.