Silk Stockings: More to Love than Ordinary Pantyhose

The popularity of silk stockings has significantly increased through the years as men find the naked-leg look more appealing on women. Although these close-fitting and elastic garments generally fall into another category of socks and pantyhose, silk stockings are usually not intended to conceal the legs. Now coming in different variations like the half-stockings and the foot-calf sock, modern silk stocking designs come in a combination of knitted wool, cotton, nylon and of course, silk. Modern silk stockings silk stockingsalso come in a wide variety of colors and styles which include but are not limited to sandal-foot, demy-toe, knee-highs, and ultra sheer designs.

In modern usage, silk stockings that come in thigh-high designs are often perceived as preferable to pantyhose for several reasons such as aesthetics, health and cleanliness, and personal convenience. Most women would agree that these garments are relatively more comfortable than any other women's hosiery, while maintaining fashion and creativity with its easily customizable attributes. As for various types of stockings, non-silk counterparts like the nylon hold-ups (a term referring to a type of stocking that stay up on their own) or the cotton-spandrel pantyhose are less likely to give a feeling of exquisiteness as these fabrics are very much common in the clothing industry.

Ladies Hosiery Innovations Through Modern Technology

Through the years, the means of silk-stocking support has also undergone some very significant changes. Whereas suspenders are common in the retro days, today's innovations have made it possible for silk-stockings to reach new levels of elasticity via "stay-up" technology. The inside of the top of the stockings has now added to it a band of elastic but highly resilient material that resists slipping down the thigh while depending on the shape of the leg for full-support. This is considerably less reliable as slip-downs are most likely to occur on thin and relatively less-curvy legs, which might as well experience discomfort as these types of stockings are only suitable for more defined curves. For full-shaped and bigger legs, the elasticity can also be uncomfortably tight, leaving unwanted red marks or even unpleasant varicose veins. Another means of support is the circular elastic garter which is slipped up over the top of the stocking for the intension of clamping it on the leg. Although this might be the least popular kind of support for silk stockings, circular elastic garter supports are commonly seen at weddings. With all the new means of silk stocking support, the traditional way of wearing undergarments over the stockings is still proven to be the most convenient.

Beautiful Inside and Out: The Silk Stocking Magic

Nowadays available in almost any style available, silky sheer black stockings are among the most exquisite and timeless pair a lady can wear to stay absolutely gorgeous in gatherings and events. As for fashionable lingerie items, a set will certainly look more beautiful and stunning if a garter belt and a pair of silk stockings are added. Delicate embroidery is oftentimes characterized by patterns of flowery vines or other intricate patterns to embellish the legs with an even more elegant look.

Finding the right pair of silk stockings is easier with the advent of the internet. As there are shops made exclusively for lingerie, there are also thousands of sites to choose from when eyeing for a good online shopping experience. Buying silk stockings with other lingerie sets can be a very enjoyable experience as mixing and matching items is easier with the use of advanced computer interfaces. Ladies of any size and shape can simply browse over the internet and find the best pair without sacrificing many hours of leisure by trying to find the right item from hundreds of pieces available.

Wearing some hot looking silk stockings can also give that sexy feeling all day long – regardless of whether or not they are seen by someone else. Feeling good underneath simply exudes a certain aura that says a woman is confident about her natural beauty. Women who have close contact with silk stockings would definitely stand out within their social groups. The popularity of these garments can also be accounted with its amazing natural soft material which leaves a feeling of exuberance against the skin. Ladies would also find it hard to resist its exquisiteness and timeless beauty as researches show that males love the sights of women wearing them – especially those who have beautiful long leg shapes.
Simply said, silk stockings have been in fashion for a long time and made itself one of the standards for a sexy wardrobe. Appearances particularly in fashion shows, television screens and styling magazines only show that these pairs are timeless masterpieces in the fashion world.