Small Decorative Mirrors for Bathrooms, Centerpieces, or Lockers

There are so many small decorative mirrors that they are often overlooked as a definitive style choice by the average homeowner. Ask any professional decorator or interior designer and they'll regale you with praise for small decorative mirrors and all the solutions they have come up with using them!

Yes, indeed it often seems that beauty is in the details, and it is often the small details within a home that really sets the tone for the look and feel of that home. Aside from its utilitarian function, small decorative mirrors work hard to enhance the look of your home, providing many more services than other home accessories and décor, at much less expense.

There are usually three general types of decorative mirrors: the embedded mirror, the freestanding and the hung frames. Embedded mirrors are already an essential part of existing furniture – you'll find them in cabinets, armoires, vanity tables etc. Freestanding Mirrors can be big or small, but they all have a stand hat allows them to be positioned upright on a variety of surfaces: table tops, medicine cabinets, and even floors. Hanging frames are what we usually securely fix on our doors and walls.

A Place with Character

Investing in something as simple as a new decorative mirror might be all it takes to change the look of that bathroom or other living space.

Create a dramatic look with mirrors by creating contrast. If your classic style is clean but on the rustic side, add a bright and shiny, sleek decorative mirror amongst the antiques to bring in a breath of modernity. If you're pad is modern, put in a fabulously grand antique mirror. If you have a cozy room filled with your favorite brick-a-brac, place a simple clear mirror in the midst of it all. Placing several mirrors of different sizes together in any setting also adds character.

Placing a light source in front of the mirror reflects more light into a small room. Hanging mirrors in small bathrooms or hallways is ideal for this. Hang them between two windows - a mirror the same size as your windows can create the illusion of a third window!

The Illusion of Space

Ideally, decorative mirrors should be hung in a location where it reflects something of interest. Decorators normally ensure that they reflect an art collection, a vase of flowers or the outdoors.

Place pictures or flowers strategically around a decorative mirror to create a beautiful scene or a conversation piece. Or conversely, place small decorative mirrors on the wall opposite a major artwork that already occupies a proud place on your walls.

Use your creativity in deciding just where to place them. This type of setting ensures that the object is seen from many different directions. If you love the outdoors, consider bringing the outdoors into your room with many small decorative mirrors or a large wall mirror.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Achieving all these means knowing how to position or hang mirrors properly on your walls. Half of the beauty of decorative mirrors lies in how they look, while the other half lies in how they are hung. Properly hung, a small decorative mirror can add depth to a room, and looks great just by itself.

While hanging up a frame, remember safety comes first. No matter how small a mirror may seem, they're usually heavier than they look. Mirrors should be hung at eye level. Secure them and keep them in place to minimize the risk of falling. Use heavy-duty studs or Molly bolts to anchor them.

Decorative mirrors can be hung in many places in a home to add to the decor and reflect your own personal style.

Stairways make an ideal area for hanging mirrors. Try hanging a number of mirrors on the wall going up the length of the stairway, mix and match the sizes and shape to create an interesting climb.

The most beautiful mirrors can reflect all the beauty of your home right back at you. Find the ideal location for your frames. Continuing to be adventurous and willing to experiment. Small decorative mirrors can be switched around easily, changing the look of a room quickly and inexpensively, so don't be afraid to mix it up and discover small ideas that help to build the overall look and feel of your home.