Technology has made great advances, and Solar Christmas lights, is one of the advances. This can make a huge difference to an electricity bill, depending on how many Christmas lights you tend to hang up each year. You may save enough to buy extra gifts!

What a great way to do your part for the environment by using less energy this year. We are all trying to reduce our carbon footprint on this earth, and if everyone who uses outdoor lights at the holidays, switched to solar Christmas lights, can you imagine the hydro savings?

There are some neighborhoods around me that used to really go all out at the holidays for all the neighbors to see and enjoy, which was great but this one neighbor used to have to get a generator to keep it all running in the evening!.

Beauty of Solar Powered Lightssolar Christmas lights (28853)

The beauty of solar Christmas lights, is they do not need any plug or outlet anywhere near them, there is no recharging, or having to charge them up. You simply string your selected solar Christmas lights where ever you want them, and you push the spike with the solar panel on it in the ground somewhere where the natural daylight can power it up, or attach it somewhere that it can get the light, if you are stringing them up around the house.

The Solar Christmas lights, have a photocell that ensures that they operate at night, and they are usually on from dusk until dawn, so you don't have to worry about turning them off or on. When they first came on the market a few years back, they didn't come in a whole lot of options other than a string of lights, but now you can get twinkle lights in different sizes, yard ornaments and more in different colors. The reds and blues are very popular.

Solar Christmas Lights - Better Investment

These will make a good investment for your holiday decorating, and can be used each year. All you have to do is make sure the solar collector (which is not very big) is somewhere where the natural daylight can get to it. It charges up during the day, and then at night your house is aglow with beautiful lights that are costing you ZERO in running costs.

No more tangled up wires hanging from one poor outlet, no more popping the breakers in your electrical panel, and no more tripping over all of those extension cords. But you will have to shop early for solar Christmas lights, as they go very fast, as more and more creative lights are on the market now.

Solar Christmas Lights - Where To Buy Them?

Where do you buy solar Christmas light? You can start checking out your local hardware store as they will be stocking the shelves with them just about now, and also the bigger department stores will carry them. Most stores that carry a large selection of holiday decorations will also carry these solar powered lights.

If you don't feel that your local home improvement or hardware store is carrying enough variety of these Solar Christmas lights, then you can always shop online if you allow enough time.


Amazon is a good place to check out for all the different styles and colors of outdoor solar Christmas lights. Shopping online is a great way to see what variety is out there and to compare prices and shipping. Remember these types of holiday Christmas lights will go very fast. Also allow enough time for shipping to get your solar Christmas lights to you before the holidays, and get the right amount of packages, so measure up your house.


Ebay sells solar powered lights as well. Just make sure that you are getting a new set of lights, and not used lights.

Global Sources

This is another site you can check that will list different online stores that will sell solar powered Christmas lights, for outdoors. But make sure where you are buying from, as this site can direct you to out of country sites as well. But these online sites are a great way to see the latest in solar Christmas lights.


If you get a neutral color of solar powered lights, you can then reuse these around your patio in the summer or in the garden on trees, for a great ambience at your next summer barbeque.

You have a lot of freedom with your creativity this year if you choose to use outdoor solar Christmas lights. You will no longer be restricted to just around the house. If you have a long driveway, you could decorate the sides of the driveway, without fear of having to have a super long, and expensive, hardy extension cord that you have to watch out for when shoveling the driveway. You are not going to see that hydro meter spinning from the power usage, and your January hydro bill should be the same as the other winter months.

Solar Christmas Lights - Decorate Further From the House

You can also decorate shrubs at the end of the driveway, or even your mailbox. So, pickup a few sets of solar power Christmas lights and have a energy efficient holiday this year.

Talk Your Friends and Family Into Switching

Also try and talk your friends and family into solar Christmas lights this year. It can be hard to get some people to change the way they do their holiday decorating. I know my parents for years would still use those big old hydro sucking bulbs, until we convinced them it was time for a change. But they had been around the family for a long time, and they just didn't like the idea of change.

Once you start using solar Christmas lights, you will wonder why you were still using those big old bulb lights that got tangled every year, and you were always searching stores for replacement bulbs!. They don't get hot like the old sets, which makes them safer to use around your house.

So, you can still have a "green" Christmas in the sense of saving money and electricity, but still enjoy the beauty of the season with solar Christmas lights and decorations. Also see How To Decorate With Solar Christmas Lights