Patio door locks are extremely important for keeping you and your home safe. They have to be reliable and to keep you not only from thieves and other trespasser, but also from bad weather. A lot of people pay serous money on a reliable front door, with a sophisticated lock – and that’s great, but not enough. You can have an unbreakable front door, if your patio doors will crack from a simple shoulder push. Because patio doors have large surfaces, without a goo-quality lock, the wind can open them while you are not home, causing you a lot of damages. To be completely protected, you need reliable patio door locks.

 The Right Patio Door Locks

You have a lot of options for your locks, considering the type of doors you installed. For sliding doors, you can add supplementary, metal locks inside, on the upper or the lower part of your doors. You have access to them only from inside the house, and they are strong enough to keep the doors lock even if someone tries to break in. You can choose ones that have keys or you can go with keyless locks. Another solution, especially for French doors, is the safety bars. You can secure your patio entrance every time you leave the house with those bars.

You should also consider automatic patio door locks. A lot of people simply forget to lock those doors, when they go out. This is why automatic locks are perfect: you simply close the doors, without worrying later that you left the house and you didn’t check on them. For the moments when you are at home and you don’t want to lock yourself on the patio all the time, you also have a solution. You can simply block the automatic locking feature and you’ll be able to go in and out without paying attention to the door all the time.

 Install An Alarm System Related To the Patio Door Locks

For extra protection, a great idea is to install an alarm system, which will alert you and he security company if someone tries to break in into your house. Those alarm systems are installed on every door and window of your home, so they are very safe. When you are away, you’ll be warn every time the perimeter of your home was trespassed, whether it’s a door or a window. This way, you’ll prevent not only thefts; you’ll be able to act quickly in case of damages caused by bad weather – glass doors that break because of storms and winds.

 Supplementary Patio Door Locks

Generally, patio doors don’t come with reliable locks. After you install them, you should ask the manufacturer to mount some supplementary patio door locks. If the manufacturer can’t provide you with something reliable, then you should ask a professional locksmith to come ad take a look to your doors. He will be able to recommend you the suitable products for your needs.

If you think that your patio door locks are reliable, you should try and test them, to see if they do the job. Close them from inside the house, go out in the patio and try to force them, pressing with your hand and shoulder. Solid locks should stand that pressure without any problems. If a gap, even a very small one, appears in between the doors when you apply pressure, it’s a very good indicator of the fact that you really need to add some supplementary patio door locks.

 Most Break-ins Happen Through The Patio Doors

Patio doors are large, they are not easy to see from the street and they generally have very pour locks. It makes a lot of sense the fact that burglars choose this entrance to rob your house. You should select your patio door locks as carefully as you select the ones from your front door. Also, if those patio doors have a lot of glass surfaces, big enough to allow to a man to step through them, you also should get secure glass, that doesn’t breaks easily.

When shopping for patio door locks, make sure you contact only reliable manufacturers. Ask them about the services they provide and about the warranty.