You are having a great time on vacation, but now you have to buy souvenirs for your friends and family. But what do you get?

Anyone can just run into the airport souvenir store and get that mug or t-shirt. But if you want to buy good souvenirs that your family and friends will like and you will not be wasting money on your credit card, then buy local souvenirs.

Don't wait until the last hour of your vacation, but don't be stressing about it the whole time either. Plus keep your list very short. I was on vacation with my friend and she spent half the time worrying about the gifts and souvenirs she needed to take back to her large extended family. There was no room for anything for herself or really enjoy the trip. It just seemed like a daily mission of trying to find the right souvenir, it was just as stressful as Christmas shopping!

Buying souvenirs for your friends and family is a nice gesture. But you really only should buy souvenirs for the closest ones. But also when buying souvenirs, take a really good look at the local craft market. Many local artists make their living selling their crafts as souvenirs. Rewards Visa Card
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Personally, when traveling I despise all the "made in China" souvenirs. Unless I am in China! If you are in a exotic place, then try and find some local artwork or sculptures or something. You should not have to resort to that large souvenir store on the corner that is selling massed produce items.

A true souvenir, should remind you of the country or place you are visiting. Tell your family and friends, that you will be in an area that may not cater to gift buying and that you are on a budget. You saved all year for this trip, and won't be able to afford gifts.

It puts too much pressure on the traveler. Now, that you have told them all of this, if you happen to see a great craft that would be great for your mom or your sister or your best friend, then buy that souvenir.

They will be extra surprised when you get home.

Buying souvenirs, for everyone puts too much pressure on yourself. Plus if you are the friend or family don't be expecting gifts when they get back. The only souvenirs I personally buy are for the house sitter who watches my house, dogs and cats. But only if it is something they would like or wear or use. What is the point in buying some t-shirt you know they will never wear?

So, on your next trip, take the pressure off yourself, this is not a selfish gesture. You took this trip to de-stress right? If you have to spend half the holiday shopping for gaudy souvenirs, then why bother?

My friend hardly had any money left for local sight seeing trips and fun things to do on her holiday, she was so set on getting these souvenirs at every corner we were at. Until finally we were in an area of no commercial stores, but local venders and their artwork and crafts. She calmed down and bought some great souvenirs for herself and her mom.

She decided right then and there that the beautiful scarves would be worn by her mom and herself, and left it at that. She felt a lot better and less stressed.

So when trying to decide what souvenirs to buy, buy local ef="/Arts and Crafts">arts and crafts and only buy for yourself or someone special.