Spiral candle holders are extremely versatile decorative pieces which offer a unique 'twist' on your generic candle holder. They are not limited to a particular time frame, and can compliment both antique and modern furniture. If you are worried about whether a spiral candle holder will match your antique leather sofa or your modern glass dining room table, fear not - the variety of design options means there's almost certainly a spiral candle holder that will compliment whatever furnishings you currently have.
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Within any home catalogue, you will be able to find a wide variety of brands, shapes and sizes of spiral candle holders that serve both decorative and utility purposes. Whatever the purpose you want your spiral candle holder to serve, you should make your choice based on safety, symbolism and ease of cleaning. Obviously you don't want to run the risk of burning your house down, especially after splurging on a couple of spiral candle holders.

In many cultures, candles have a metaphysical and spiritual significance. In the same way, the holders themselves signify deep-rooted meanings in many cultures and religions. Though traditionally the spiral candle holder was not used for religious ceremony, this position of prominence went to the classic wrought iron candle holder, it has grown in popularity in modern times.

Spiral candle holders can be ideal gifts for any occasion and make great stocking stuffers. If you have a hard to shop for relative or friend, you may consider buying them a candle holder as candles are used in almost every household across the globe.

Spiral candle holders are considered a versatile piece of home décor since they can compliment the furnishings and style of any room. Assuming you are sitting around a brick fireplace sharing time with your loved one, placing a candle on the fireplace mantle or on a nearby oak end table could enhance your experience a great deal.

A variety of materials are used to make candle holders - iron, bronze, brass, sterling silver, aluminum, silver and steel, to name a few. These materials are used to provide durability, quality, uniqueness and value. The cost of the metal you decide to purchase will be the greatest determining factor of cost.

There are metal spiral candle holders which can be used to circle around a vase of fresh flowers or other decorative items, like Buddha figurines and balsa wood model airplanes. Be careful though, this should be an act of decoration only - lighting the candles in this situation constitutes a fire hazard.

Shesham is a hard, reddish-brown wood which grows in Northern India. Shesham spiral candle holders are a common sight across India for this reason. Shesham spiral candle holders are only capable of holding tapered candles but create a stunning visual effect that you won't get with a standard spiral candle holder.

Spiral candle holders also come in a variety of colors. There are blue wire spiral candle holders, black spiral candle holders, and many other decorative candle holders, each with their own attractive features to capture the hearts of their owners.

You can find these spiral candle holders being used in churches, hotels, parties, restaurants and weddings. This goes to show the variety of situations in which a spiral candle holder can be used.

The art of making candle holders began during a time when candles were the only source of light, apart from using them to tell the passage of time. This allowed church scribes in ancient Rome to continue to work throughout the night. In this way, candles allowed for the preservation of western civilization as it was these scribes that recopied the knowledge of the ancient world during the dark ages. Today they are used for a variety of reasons, though none as crucial to the preservation of modern culture.

People have started using their spiral candle holders to create an artistic environment. They can do so by placing the holder on their antique end tables or modern dining tables. Due to the versatility of spiral candle holders, you can compliment both contemporary furniture and vintage décor. In addition to spiral candle holders, you may want to look at wrought iron mirrors, large Buddha statues, and interior lighting fixtures to create a zen-like setting in your home.

Buying Spiral Candle Holders

There are numerous places to shop for spiral candle holders. The best place to conduct initial research is online, where you have a plethora of retailers at your fingertips. There aren't many retailers who deal exclusively with spiral candle holders, but any candle store is likely to have spiral candle holders as a part of their stock. 100 Candles is a good place to start your search, and you can probably find what you're looking for in the $10-20 range.

Amazon and NexTag are not dedicated to candles by any means, but are a great place to look for cheap prices on spiral candle holders. The obvious downside is not being able to see in-person what these holders look like, but by this time you should have plenty of knowledge of the styles and prices within the online market.

eBay is another place to look for cheap spiral candle holders. Individuals that are redecorating will often choose eBay to sell their unwanted wares. The auction format means you can buy a spiral candle holder far below retail. Of course, as with any auction, this requires some patience and luck, but you can find a real bargain if you keep at it.

Big box stores such as Ikea and Sears also stock spiral candle holders. If you haven't found anything online, or would prefer to see an item in person before purchasing, these stores are your best option for a bargain.

Spiral candle holders are a very cost effective option, with plenty of designs in the $10 range. Even at the high end of the price spectrum, you probably won't be running much more than $50 unless you are getting a custom candle holder that is extremely elaborate.