If you have been playing squash for any amount of time you'll find the necessity for a squash bag. When you acquire a lot of equipment and accessories, squash bags can be an invaluable addition. From balls, rackets, shoes, bandannas, googles, grips, sweat bands, joint supports, and water bottles, there is a ton to carry. Trying to fumble all that in an armful is not a practical option.

How To Buy The Right Squash Bagsquash bags

There is so much squash gear that needs to be carried, you want to make sure you purchase a bag that can fit all your equipment. Take an inventory of what you normally take to a squash match. The main piece of equipment you want to consider is your racket, or rackets. If you take more than two rackets to a match you want to buy a four racket bag. If you only take one or two, a two racket bag should be suitable.

There may be a situation however where you only carry one or two rackets with you, but you have to many things you need a bigger bag. In this case buy a four racket bag and you will have enough space for an unearthly amount of equipment.

Where Can You Buy A Squash Bag?

The first place you can look for a squash bag is online. There are squash specific online retailers that offer a wide selection of squash specific bags. A few worth checking out are squashgear.com, squashproshop.com, and squashunlimited.com. You should be able to find what you're looking for. You can conveniently have it delivered right to your door step.

If you want to find something less expensive I would recommend browsing eBay. The massive auction site carries just about every thing and squash bags are not excluded. You can find new and used bags at a pretty deep discount. If you want to stay within your budget I would suggest making a bid.

Off line sporting good stores and racket sport pro shops carry squash bags as well. Dick's Sporting Goods offers a selection of bags you can go into the store and check out before you buy. The in store selection at bigger retailers is sometimes a little limited because of their non racket specific focus. For a bigger selection from an offline store I would recommend a racket sport pro shop in your area. They'll help you pick out the right racket. If they don't have exactly what you're looking for they will be more than happy to order it for you from their catalog. Having a real human being help you and answer your questions can be valuable towards making the right decision.

How Much Do Squash Bags Cost?

Your bag is going to get a fair amount of wear and tear. You want something that can with stand a mild beating and you want it to be able to hold everything you need. Squash bags range from $20 upwards of $60 depending on the size, model, make and quality.

Purchasing a squash bag because it is priced lower than the rest is not always the best idea. You'll often times end up spending more money because the less expensive bag is of lower quality. When the low quality inexpensive bag rips or breaks, you're spending more than you would have initially because you have to replace it. If you've owned more than one or two bags you can understand the importance of having a durable, high quality squash bag.

When you're picking out your squash bag you want something that will hold everything you need. There is a ton of equipment and miscellaneous pieces that need to be brought to a match. On top of how frequently you will be using your bag you want to pick something out that is high enough quality to last. The squash bag you use can help you stay organized and get to the game with everything you need.