As a squash player, your weapon of choice is your racket. When you set out to buy squash rackets you need to understand the different parts and how they effect the overall performance. In order to help you know what is best for you, you need to consider your skill level, and how often you expect to play.

There are a few different features that you need consider when deciding to buy squash rackets. The weight, size and grip, stringing and playability of the racket are important factors. Combined they will determine the over all performance of the racket.

How To Find The Right Squash RacketBuy Squash Rackets

The first thing you want to know about buying squash rackets is what to consider. The weight of the racket will determine your ability to maneuver the racket and deliver an accurate and powerful strike. The size and grip of the racket need to fit your hands. The stringing needs to be in line with what you want the ball to do off your racket. Lastly your skill level will determine the overall playability and flex of your racket.

A normal squash racket weighs between 140 and 170 grams. Most players like to use a racket that is weighted in the middle. Lighter rackets are usually preferred by experienced player because of their maneuverability however they require a more powerful strike. The heavier the racket the more power they will deliver however the less accurate they are.

The grip you choose should comfortably fit your hand. You want a racket that fits in your palm. When you grip the racket your longest finger should ever so lightly be touching the pad of your hand. This is how you know you have a grip that is the right size.

The tension of your strings will determine how your racket plays. High quality material coupled with optimized tension can produce maximum precision and power for your game. The best type of string is a textured multifilament that is 17 or 18 gauges. You want string that is specifically made for squash because of the unique ball that is used.

Average string tension is 28 psi. The more tension you have the more touch you get, the less tension the more power. If you start to notice any fraying you know it is time for a new string job. Players who play regularly will need to restring their racket every 2 months or so.

When you want to buy squash rackets you need a racket that has playability that matches your game. The stiffer a rack the more powerful and playable a racket is. Lower skilled, beginner players should use a racket made out of a more "whippy" material. This is more forgiving and gives a powerful addition.

Where Can You Buy Squash Rackets?

The only piece that really needs to be fit to you is the grip. Doing your research and understanding the different features and performance of different rackets is key. Once you understand your game and what rackets fit that, you can buy squash rackets anywhere.

There are a number of online retailers that are specific to squash. Check out, or to see what they have to offer. You might also be able to find a good deal on eBay depending on how comfortable you are with buying items from the massive online auction site.

If you want to find a racket that is fit to you and you want to try it out first, find a local racket sports pro shop in your area. You'll get the added benefit of having an expert by your side answering all your questions. It might cost a bit more, but you'll walk out with the best racket for your game.

There are a number of features you need to consider when you buy squash rackets. Understanding your game and which features best fit your game will help you make the best decision possible.