Swimming Pool Propane Heaters

Natural Gas Heaters for Swimming Pools

Using a swimming pool propane heater warms up the pool fast.  There are other other heaters like the electric or solar heaters, but the propane heater delivers the fastest results. Propane swimming pool heaters use propane gas as a power source instead of using electricity.  Gas heaters are much faster and offer higher energy outputs than the electric heaters. Check the BTUs of a propane gas heater because it directly correlates to its consumption of energy and speed of heating the water.  Propane heaters with high BTUs offer the best water heating results, but the BTUs are also a price point for these heaters so the higher the BTUs the higher the expense. Keep that in mind when shopping for  swimming pool propane heaters.  Swimming season is longer at home with gas powered heaters for their swimming pools.  Families using a propane heater to heat their swimming pools no longer rely on the warm solar rays to heat their water. Buying the heaters costs more than the natural solar power heat from the sun, but solar power also heats water slower than the swimming pool heaters.

Benefits of Warmer Water in Swimming Pools

Swimming is a great way to exercise, especially for those who have joint problems or mobility issues with other types of exercise.  Water aerobics are great.  Water workouts are highly recommended by doctors, physical therapists, and others as a way of conditioning and working out. Using the propane gas heater to warm up the pool's water enables exact therapeutic water temperatures, plus they heat the water quick and easy, warming the pool up to 78-90 degrees, the ranges recommended for health.  These heaters are better than solar heat because of the temperature regulation.  Children  do better in warmer water because it will be comfortable.  Adults do not like taking a dip in cold water so why would kids.  When the solar power does not warm the water fast enough the use the propane heaters helps get the temperature right.  The other reason that warmer water is better for children is  because cooler water can cause respiratory infections and other problems. When you want to teach kids to swim they are less afraid of getting into comfortable water temperature not a big cold bath.  Teaching children to swim at early ages will encourage them to continue this healthy activity into adulthood. With childhood obesity on the rise, the swimming pool propane heater can be used to warm the water fast and easy for a fun family time.  Make sure to use plenty of sun block to avoid burns and skin cancer risks.  Check for the proper SPF protection and use tanning lotion.

Safe Use of Propane Gas Pool Heaters

Propane swimming pool heaters can be safely used for indoor and outdoor swimming pools.  The heaters are weather resistant for outside use.  Check its specs to verify the gas heater is an indoor/outdoor heater.  These gas heaters usually start up easily with an ignition switch. Make sure that the heater installation is safe by having the local gas company hook up a new gas powered propane pool heater, even if you know how to do it yourself.  At least let a professional double check installation for the safety of the family.  Swimming pool propane heaters are built with safety in mind. The extra expense is countered by the extra propane-gas heaters add to a swim season plus they are better energy consumers and have a long-lasting, durable build.  The Mini Max 100 is an example of a small above ground  swimming pool heater.  With an output of 100,000 BTU's it is the Mini Max 100 is in the top 10 highest rated pool heaters at Amazon.

Swimming pools have many heating options, but the best is the swimming pool propane heater.  Serving it just as you do other household appliances.  Proper service and maintenance will ensure optimum performance from your gas heater. Safety in use is the primary concern. Get a swimming pool propane heater and see the difference.