Tangerine Essential Oil Properties - Organic Aromatherapy Oils

Dazzling, fruity, and sweet, tangerine essential oil reminds us of relaxing summer days drinking citrus juice in front of the beach. What better way to unwind than having the sweet smell of tangerine in the air?

The plant

Tangerine is a fruit originating from China and is very similar to mandarin. Tangerines are usually compared with mandarins as they look and smell almost the same. Their trees also look very similar. The main differences to distinguish between the two are that: tangerines have a deeper orange color compared to mandarins, they have no pips, and they are harvested during November and mandarins during February. The two even have the same botanical name: Citrus Reticulata, and are both from China. Tangerines are good sources of Vitamin C, folate, and beta-carotene.

From tangerine comes their essential oil. Tangerine essential oil is derived by cold compression of the fruit's peels.

Uses of tangerine

Tangerine essential oil is known for its many uses in the aromatherapy world. The best and widely known benefit is that this oil is perfect to calm nerves, especially among hyperactive children. It promotes tranquility deep into the soul and helps one relax every muscle to relieve undue stress and unwanted tension. Consequently, tangerine essential oil is perfect for sugar-rushes, stage fright, trauma, and the like. The vapor from it will almost automatically cause a relaxing sensation even inside your body, and reaches into various organs such as the respiratory and circulatory organs.

During spasm attacks, such as breathing troubles, asthma, congestion, muscle spasms, convulsions and many more, tangerine essential oils prove to be very effective to provide not only muscular relief, but also internal relaxation.

Another health benefit from tangerine essential oil is that it is a tonic for the digestive system. It maintains proper flow of digestive juices, maintains the right balance between acid and bile and cures wounds, if any, in the stomach. It also soothes the stomach and gives relief from inflammation. A healthy and properly-functioning stomach gives an over-all effect to body physique and nutrition.

Tangerine essential oil isn't just a tonic for our digestive tract, but also to almost every part of the body. It acts as a lubricant to tune up all the body functions, such as metabolism. Body utilities such as food absorption, proper excretion, endocrinal secretion of hormones and enzymes, and immunity are all positively affected by this oil. Fundamentally, it keeps the body's gears ticking in perfect unison.

The body does not only look good on the inside, but also on the outside. Tangerine essential oil is also excellent for skin application after warm baths which helps to prevent stretch marks and flatulence. It also moisturized the skin and prevents dryness and cracking, making skin look softer and younger.

What makes tangerine essential oil so appealing is that its sweet, young aroma is pleasing to both adults and children alike. It promotes good rest and sleep during the night after a long and busy day. It soothes all types of hyperactivity in bodily systems and thus induces a favorable body condition ready for the pillows and sheets and onward to sweet, fruity dreams.

Other health benefits from tangerine essential oil is it improves blood and phlegm circulation, aids in smoother digestion, helps maintain oil and moisture balance in the skin and shows cicatrizing and emollient properties as well. It also eases constipation and treats diarrhea, rashes, dandruff, etc.

When applying tangerine essential oil, dilute in carrier oil before physical application. It also should not be applied to skin that will be exposed to direct sunlight as it is photosensitizing, as other citrus oils. Tangerine essential oils also blend specifically well with bergamot, cinnamon, clary sage, clove, frankincense, lavender, nutmeg and neroli.

Where to buy and for how much

Tangerine essential oil must always be purchased from trusted and well-known suppliers if one wants its full effects and therapeutic benefits. These suppliers must offer 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and offer high-quality therapeutic oils. The price range for tangerine essential oil is between $7 to $12 per 15 mL or so. If it is perhaps sold in a much lower price, it must be of low quality or it is not pure essential oil. One excellent supplier of tangerine essential oils is Florapathics LLC.


Tangerine essential oil is one example of a very effective essential oil, good for the mind, body and soul, inside and out. After a stressful day or before a nerve-racking recital, take a whiff of some tangerine goodness and feel much more relaxed as the seconds tick by. Never forget to stay away from sunlight after direct application on the skin and watch regular dosage. Tangerine essential oil will surely make one feel lighter and sweeter to get that natural, long-lasting optimistic feeling throughout the day.