Whether you're a mechanical engineering student, a security systems expert or just a concerned citizen, you'll want to get your hands on this Encyclopedia of Biometrics to understand exactly our global security future holds in store for us. Some critics of fingerprint live scanning and retina checks and carrying your identity in your own body are foretelling the doom of personal rights and civil liberties, claiming that biometric security systems will usher in a new era of technologically advanced racism and discrimination. On the other side of the fence are techies, security professionals and politicians that are confident in this new security technology's ability to reduce or outright eliminate identity theft, more effectively secure our high-risk areas like airports and government buildings, and make it more convenient than ever for travelers who will never have to carry personal ID again. 

The Comprehensive Handbook For Understanding Biometrics

What Is The Encyclopedia of Biometrics?

This comprehensive manual is published by Springer and functions as a compilation of the best writing currently available on biometrics systems, their underlying scientific principles, and their applications.  This volume has been praised for offering further reading resources for most every topic it covers, meaning that you can continue investigating biometrics in as much detail as you please. 

The Encyclopedia of Biometrics will walk you through the mechanics of biometric security systems, making it useful for engineering students and professional security technicians that are already beginning to grapple with fingerprint live scanning and retina scanning in their daily courses of duty. 

Who Should Read This Live Scanning Textbook?

Students that will ultimately build, configure and maintain live scanning systems will want to study this encyclopedia carefully in order to lay a broad base of knowledge from which to draw in the future. Since body-scanning systems are still in their infancy but rapidly gaining traction and usage in the corporate world, it would greatly behoove anyone that may find themselves working in these fields of applied biometrics to understand the scientific principles that enable these advanced security systems to work. 

Getting Affordable Deals on Biometric Encyclopedias

Biometrics encyclopedia deals can help to reduce the cost of buying this biometric security textbook online. Although it usually retails for over $400 per unit, sometimes it's possible to snag The Encyclopedia of Biometrics for as little as $230 if you're willing to purchase a used copy. The degree to which your security textbook has been used will vary, of course. Light usage may entail simple dog-earing and rumpled pages, whereas heavily used encyclopedias of live scanning security systems may have sustained heavy note-jotting in their margins. 

Most of the time it's ideal to snag a cheaper copy of this live scanning encyclopedia by opting for a used version. There's no reason to shell out almost $200 extra just to have a mint condition copy unless you're going to be displaying it in your office. If you simply want to buy a biometric textbook for your college course or associate degree program, you can easily make due with a more affordable used copy.