The Pacific Complete Series

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The Pacific Complete Series is Best Priced at Amazon, after searching the internet for many hours they simply offer the best price! Remember this is the complete mini series which is 10 episodes in all but 10 very high quality episodes with each one feeling like a mini movie on its own. The Pacific follows the fates of 3 US marines who are the main characters in each episode. The drama is extremely engaging and if you are a fan of all sorts of HBO series in the past you will love this one.

The best thing about the pacific complete series is that the show has a great underlying story and it isn't just about action and combat. You really get a good feel of exactly what the characters are going through and what many marines must go through when out at war. The dialogue is really well written and adds to the show in a big way.

One thing I especially liked about the pacific complete series is the fact that you can get so emotionally involved with the show. This is a credit to the writers and some scenes are so real and details they might even be uncomfortable for some people to watch however I am the type of person that doesn't like things to be watered down so I was pleased that the writers didn't try and "sugercoat" some of the scenes!

The pacific complete series DVD would make a great gift for those who are into either war films or dramas all around. I truly feel this show has the potential to be remembered as one of the greatest ever made in many years to come. It has quite a cult following at the moment but this clearly looks like one of those dramas that will slow burn and end up being appreciated more in years to come.

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