When it comes to crib pillows, safety is the most important feature. American Academy of Pediatrics discourages the use of pillows for newborns and infants. When babies are very young, they might get stuck under the crib pillow or get into a position where the pillow is pressed against the baby’s face. To avoid the risk of injuries and suffocation, you shouldn’t put a pillow in a newborn’s crib. But, as your baby grows, he or she will eventually need a pillow.


Baby Crib Pillows – What You Should Be Looking For?

A pillow is safe for babies older then six months, but you need to be very careful about the characteristics of the pillow. First of all, it needs to be very small, light and fluffy. Foam pillows, like the ones that adults use, are not recommended for babies. If the baby turns around and sleeps on his or her tummy, a foam pillow might cause suffocation. A small feather pillow it’s the best option. Check the pillow before buying it – you don’t need one that’s too firm and over stuffed. Not only that the pillow will be uncomfortable for the baby, but if it’s too big and too stuffed an older baby and a toddled might climb on the pillow and fall from the crib.


Crib Pillows For Infants

Parents want to keep their little ones as comfortable as possible. However, crib pillows for infants are not recommended. Although the suffocation risk is very low, it exists, so you should avoid putting your newborn to sleep on a pillow. You don’t have to worry about your baby sleeping uncomfortable. At that age, babies really don’t need a pillow and they are better off sleeping on the back. Once the baby gets older, after the few months of life, he or she might need a pillow. The pillow will help your baby to sleep more comfortable, if it’s chosen well. Especially when he or she has a cold and needs to sleep with the head higher then the rest of the body, good-quality crib pillows are very useful. Just make sure that you get an item designed for babies, and not a pillow for adults.


Crib Pillows – Bedding Sets

When you are shopping for crib pillows, bedding sets for babies and toddlers are probably the best option. There are lots of bedding sets containing small pillows, suitable for babies, blanket, pillowcases, sheets and bumper. This way, you’ll be buying matching pieces and you’ll know for sure that the pillow you got is safe for babies and toddlers. When putting the pillowcases on the pillows, you need to avoid loose fitting ones, which might cause accidents. A pillowcase made of a tick fabric it’s the best. The quality of the pillow is also very important. Try first the feather ones: they are the most comfortable. But some babies are allergic to feathers. So, if you notice that your baby has stuffy nose or rashes on the skin after you put a feather pillow in the crib, remove it immediately. You can replace it with a pillow stuffed with textile or synthetic fibers.


Decorative Crib Pillows For Toddlers

The pillow is very important for older babies and toddlers. If you buy a decorative, attractive one, it will be a lot easier for you to convince your baby to go to sleep without protesting. There are lots of pillows, designed specially for babies, with funny prints and funny shapes. You will certainly be able to find a pillow that represents your baby’s favorite character. Those pillows are both attractive and safe for you babies, so getting them it’s a great idea. When shopping for baby pillows, you should ask the vendor all the details. You need to know about the fabric that covers the pillow, about the stuffing and the dimensions of the pillow. When putting the pillow inside the crib, check to see if your baby can use it to climb over the sides of the crib. A good trick is to put a pillow inside the crib, but to cover it with the sheet. This way, the baby will sleep in a comfortable position, but he or she won’t be able to move the pillow around the crib.