The Wire Complete Series Box set including 60 Episodes over 5 Discs and many extras and bonuses!

The Wire is undoubtedly the greatest TV series ever made. I don't use the term "greatest ever" too often however I think its apt for this show. The simple inescapable fact that a show which showed its final episode in 2008 is actually picking up more new fans and viewers then ever. The UK actually picked up the show for their networks in 2009, 6 whole years after the first episode aired! That is how much of a legacy this single TV series has created. It appears that more and more people everyday are finding out about The Wire and it's possible that you are one of them. You probably did an internet search to find out what the fuss is about or you have seen a few episodes and you want more info on the complete series. Well you are not alone as thousands of people are searching for more info on The Wire everyday.

I remember I decided to buy The Wire Complete Series after my friends at work kept saying to me "you need to watch the wire"! I admit I was a little sceptical at first since I had never actually even heard of the show and hadn't even seen any commercials for it! Infact it hadn't even won any awards so how could it actually be any good? Well I was so wrong!

Before we go any further let me just tell you that if you prefer "chick-flicks" like desperate housewives and sex and the city then this is not a series for you to watch!

The wire complete series includes sixty episodes distributed over five individual seasons. It's hard to give this show a distinct genre but I would definitely call it a "Drama". Its real, it's dark and sometimes a bit too dark and real so make sure this is only watched by older people. Each season focuses on a separate part of Baltimore with the drug trade, porting system, city government, school system and the media all covered throughout the journey the series sends you on. This structure truly allows you to see the internal workings from all different viewpoints. A thing not many other TV shows do.

Its primary strength is the actual writing. You will get to understand characters such as Omar (Michael K Williams), Stringer Bell (Idris Elba), Jimmy McNulty (Dominic West), Barksdale (Wood Harris) and Cedric Daniels (Lance Reddick) so well you will feel like you know them personally. By the conclusion of the complete series you will feel sadness as you have to say goodbye to the characters! The writers have produced the show as realistic as feasible, which was clearly assisted by the fact they have both lived and worked in Baltimore for the press and police.

If you like 24, Lost or Prison Break then its nothing like those shows but we still think you will like it. If you remember some of the tough jail scenes in prison break then its kind of like that but times by ten! Just remember this is a slow burning deep show and you have to pay close attention to follow it.

The Wire Complete Series

I firmly believe that if you buy The Wire Complete Series then you won't be disappointed. You will probably end up like me as such a big fan of the show you feel you have to write articles on the internet telling everyone about it! Only joking! Well actually I am probably not!