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 Are you a women who enjoys traveling, but you hate the rumpled look of your favorite dresses when you pull them from the suitcase? You need to know about the Travel Smith Clothing Company.

Travel Smith is a company that sells clothing and accessories through both a mail catalogue and online website. I have used their clothing for years, and have found their quality and service to be exceptional. Even when I have ordered and received clothing which I decided not to keep, they have been quite cooperative in accepting the returned items.  You can order clothing and other items directly from Travel Smith or, if you are a regular shopper, you can use this direct link to Travel Smith clothing on  Here is an example of one of the dresses that Amazon has available:

Travel Smith Dress


 One of my favorite Travel Smith items is their "Indispensable Travel Dress."  This dress comes in a variety of styles and colors, in both winter and summer designs. The nylon-spandex knit material is almost impossible to wrinkle. It is machine washable, and you can wear it right out of the dryer … without ironing. The fabric also is treated with an antimicrobial finish that helps it keep its fresh, clean, pleasing appearance.

Another style of they sell is their Merino Wool Slip-On Sweater Dress. These dresses offer elegant simplicity, and easy style in a wool-nylon blend, at a fraction of the cost of a St. Johns knit dress. Although these wool dresses have to be hand washed or dry cleaned, they travel well and look beautiful.

Travel Smith also offers sweater-knit dresses in a poly-spandex fabric that is very comfortable and flattering. You'll almost feel like you are lounging around in your nightgown, even while you look ready to go out to eat at a nice restaurant.

If you need an especially elegant outfit for a night on the town, don't forget to get one of Travel Smith's "Little Black Dresses." They are appropriate for many special occasions, and great to have whether you are traveling or just going out for the evening with friends.

I have found their clothing to be comfortable to wear, and believe that the knit fabric is very flattering for most types of figures. I also appreciate the price of these lovely dresses. Most of them sell for under $100. The Merino Wool Slip-On Sweater Dress retails for about $119. With these dresses, you can add elegance to your wardrobe without spending a fortune.

In addition, the simple patterns used by Travel Smith make their clothing easy to wear whether you are trying to dress up or dress down. When I worked as a Realtor, I often wore Travel Smith dresses during the day with a pair of flat shoes and simple jewelry. In the evening, I could switch to heels and more elaborate jewelry, and head straight out to dinner and the theater with clients or friends, feeling fresh, unwrinkled and appropriately dressed for almost any occasion!

When I travel, these dresses are also perfect to fold into a suitcase. Gone are the days when I would carefully place my clothes in a dress bag and carry everything on board a plane, hoping to fold the clothing gently into the overhead bin. Today, of course, the clothing would be crushed by the luggage of my fellow travelers. Being able to fold my dresses into my suitcase and either check it or carry it on makes traveling much less stressful. And, I feel relaxed in the knowledge that my clothing will look pretty and unwrinkled when I pull it out of my luggage upon reaching my destination.  I also love that I can purchase them either directly from TravelSmith, or through 

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