Upholstered office chairs

Upholstered office chairs offer comfort to an office environment and are great for all settings. Fabric upholstery comes in different colors and gives a unique, custom look. Leather chairs are very common and are available in different grades. Glove leather chairs are soft to touch and relaxing for a hard day's job. This is the same type of leather in winter gloves other products that require soft leather. It is a very high grade type followed by the popular top grain leather which is used in manufacturing most office chairs. Mesh chairs are the newest in town and are of two types - padded and un-padded. They allow air to circulate around the back and under the seats preventing stuffy feelings. The padded-mesh types have foams fixed inside the seats with only the mesh covering the surface and the unpadded types are made only with the woven mesh without any pad support.

Things to look out for in upholstered office chairs

  1. Material – The type of material a chair is built with denotes a lot of things it. Personal needs should be considered before office chairs are obtained. Plastic chairs are easy to wash and can only be damaged by scratching but are less comfortable than padded chairs. Fabric chairs are comfortable and colorful but can be torn by sharp objects and retain a lot of dust. Mesh chairs allow great air flow and flexibility but low quality types can lose their elasticity after a while. Leather chairs are durable, easy to clean and have a sophisticated look but are on the high side. Nonetheless they are great for those who can afford them. The best choice for any individual at any time is one that gives full satisfaction at the price it was procured.

  2. Comfort – Chairs that have adjustable seats, back, head and arm rests are good for the body posture and flexibility. Some back rests have built in springs and contours that ease the lumbar region. Swivel arm rests should be able to flex to a 90 degree angle and there are seats that can rotate 360 degrees. Chairs with non – stick surfaces are good for hot environments while the opposite are good for cold environments. However, there shouldn't be any problem if an air conditioner is present.

  3. Weight capacity – Heavy duty chairs have a higher weight capacity than simple chairs and can support up to 400Ibs. The weight of the person sitting on a chair should be considered before chairs are purchased to avoid surprises in future.

  4. Mobility – Some chairs have casters that enable mobility around a work environment. They are good for large office spaces and friendly environments.

  5. Size – Upholstered chairs come in different seat sizes. It is advisable to know if a seat comes with adjustments so that anyone who seats on it will be able to rest their legs on the floor.

Health and Posture

  1. Asthmatic patients should ensure that their seats are cleaned daily. Dust accumulated after a while can trigger attacks. Also buy leather chairs for your office space because they are easy to clean. If you are following a low cost budget, you can purchase vinyl. It gives a soft touch of leather but at a lower price.

  2. Buy seats with pneumatic adjustments that allow seat sliding forwards and back with amendable back rests to ensure great posture