Used Horse Tack: Knowing Your Tack

Before you buy used horse tack, you will need to know what kind of tack you need, what's out there, and how you can make the best use of your resources to get the best used horse tack possible.

Horse tack is of two major types: English and Western. Although the price difference between these two types is substantial, their different uses are even more diverse. English tack is generally used for simple riding, cross-country riding, and shows and events such as show-jumping or horse exhibitions. They are generally lighter than, and not as tough as Westerns. Western tack is meant for an entirely different purpose - that of work. It's very important that tack used for horses on farms and cattle ranches be of the much more sturdy variety because of the tough jobs that these horses are required to do, and the greater amount control that the rider needs to have in order for man and beast to perform well together.

Used Horse Tack: Best Places To Find Horse Tack

Buying used English horse tack is as easy as logging on to eBay and bidding for the best tack at the most reasonable rates. But you do need to know your tack and what the pricing is on the market or you may not know what a fair price is if it hit you in the face. Generally speaking, English tack is not interchangeable with Western tack, although some seasoned riders do add components that they feel will give them more control over the animal. You can get some great used saddle tack of the English variety on eBay for about $100 to $200, but you may have to additionally spend for other accessories such as the bridle and reins, bits and leads, etc. If you can source all of the gear from the same place, then it makes your job easier. Leather tack from multiple sources may have variations in leather color and finish, which may not be compatible with other equipment that you may already have.

Western tack is probably more prolific among farm and ranch users, so used horse tack should be easy to find if you live on a ranch or near one. In fact, tack-swapping is not uncommon at all among farm and ranch dwellers. If you want used tack, all you need to do is walk into your local tack shop and ask them what they have for you. These stores are often meeting places for horse enthusiasts to get together and comment about the kinds of tack they use, so if you hang around long enough, you're sure to glean a lot of valuable information that you can use when you're buying elsewhere – and technically, it's not eavesdropping if you happen to hear someone talking loudly in a store; you can even try and join in the conversation to see what they might be able to recommend; horse lovers love to give advice on anything remotely equine.

A tack sale or tack auction can also be a great place if you know what you want and what you're willing to pay for it. Often, you'll get relatively new equipment at fantastic rates. But you need to be quick on your feet to decide whether you really want a piece, and prepare for alternatives if you're outbid. Classifieds geared towards horse tack may also yield some good results if the timing is right, as are bulletin boards at clubs and training schools.

With all these resources available to you, you should be able to find just the right kind of used horse tack that fits your horse and your wallet perfectly.