Vision Exercise Equipment: Cast From The Past

Vision Fitness has been a company focused on innovation from way back in 1993 when it was formed as a division of the Trek Bicycle Company. Even when it was spun off in 1996, it continued to embody its name in form and philosophy. Over the years, they're won tons of consumer awards, and the appreciation and respect of several big-name media publications. With relentless innovative spirit that didn't flag between then and now, Vision Fitness is all set to tear up the '10s with its unique brand of customer-driven quality. Let's see what made their climb from a sub-division within a company to one of the top fitness companies in a few short years possible.

Vision Exercise Equipment: The Extended Family

Vision exercise equipment boasts a fine range of low impact training machines and treadmills for the home and the public gymnasium. With their constantly innovative approach to everything they do, it's no wonder that a lot of their products have quickly moved to the top of their class in a very short time. Whether it's a treadmill, a traditional elliptical, a fitness bike or a suspension elliptical, the Vision touch is obvious in everything they do, including the customization of their equipment for individual customers.

Vision Exercise Equipment: Pick And Choose Philosophy

The best part about Vision exercise equipment is the fact that you get to choose your own console with any of their frames. Not only does this allow you to tailor your choice to your budget, it also gives you unique treadmill that's truly your vision. Simply select one of 5 frames that you like best, and pick from simple, premier and deluxe consoles to have your own treadmill assembled and shipped to your doorstep. You can choose between a simple 2-ply track and an orthopedic cushioned belt, and also a platform or foldable frame, depending on your need.

The Perfect Stride For The Perfect Ride

Traditional elliptical trainers from Vision Fitness are smooth, quiet and compact. The long arms of the pedal as well as the pivoted footplates provide a smoother ellipse to exercise on. Their trademark technology for reducing flywheel sound guarantees a quieter exercise time, and their special folding system makes for easy storage when guests come over. Again, you can mix and match for a unique elliptical trainer. The suspension range of elliptical trainers have been infused with their brand of muscle-specific fitness training technology, called PerfectStride. This one feature takes care of several problems of traditional elliptical trainers, such as an improper foot path, poor posture, a lack of muscle-targeting and wrong foot positioning. The trademark technology is incorporated into all their suspension elliptical trainers to give you a ride of a lifetime, for a lifetime.

Innovation Happens In Cycles

Fitness bikes are another of Vision Fitness's specialty areas. From a choice of semi-recumbent and upright bikes comes the innovative approach typical of Vision exercise equipment, from the Comfort Arc ergonomic seat design to the ECB-Plus magnetic resistance systems. Not one to cut corners, Vision even puts in sealed roller bearings incorporated into its Quiet Glide, for quieter operation, on all its fitness bikes. The care that Vision takes in putting each bike together speaks loudly in the details: for example the semi-recumbent seat that provides the best lumbar support in the industry, or the cut-out in the nose of the upright seats that reduces pressure on soft tissue areas.

A Vision Of The Future

Vision exercise equipment is also very aggressive on pricing. Vision Fitness was the first to introduce a 20-inch wide belt on treadmills at under $2000, and it's apparent that they consider the cost aspect as critically as they do their level of product quality and customer interaction. With this combination of fair pricing, customer delight and incessant innovation, Vision exercise equipment is bound to penetrate the hearts and homes of many more generations of fitness enthusiasts to come.