Weider Exercise Equipment: A Leader Dealer

ICON health and fitness's brand of exercise equipment, Weider, is known to manufacture some of the best equipment for home use on the market today. Their home gyms, weight benches, body weight systems, free weights, Kettle Bells and X-Factor can be seen in several homes across the nation – and some of them are even used. Being great marketing strategists, they have positioned themselves as a leading brand in the ever-growing health and fitness training market. Weider exercise equipment is not only affordable, but also of extremely high quality.

The Weider 8630 – More Than A Home Gym

When looking for Weider Exercise Equipment, one can't pass up the opportunity to at least have a go on the Weider 8630 Training System, which is their premier home gym – and more. This fine piece of equipment will make sure that every muscle group in your body is taxed, giving you a finely tuned body: butterfly arms and chest press for those chiseled chests, abs stations, leg developer and press – in fact, it is made of two complete body workout stations. Just be sure to check out all the parts regularly to see if everything is as it should be. In case you're buying one second hand, then get an expert to check it out to see if its integrity hasn't been compromised in any way. Unfortunately, you won't have a warranty card or a user's manual so that might not be the best idea unless you know your gym equipment or have a pro help you out. It retails at $699 plus shipping, and you can even opt for a monthly payment plan.

X-Factor Complete Body Toner

There's also the X-Factor home gym, the versatile piece Weider exercise equipment that retails at $599 plus shipping. This offers more than 210 lbs of progressively increasing resistance. You'll also get an exercise chart, 3 workout DVDs and an 8-week nutrition guide. Made from durable tubing, this complete body work-out training system is designed to fit any standard door, and will give you a well-toned lower body and those 'to die for' washboard abs. The chart and the guide will make sure that you're following a proper exercise and diet regime to get you to your goal safely and quickly.

Body Shaping With TBW 5000

For all-round body shaping, there's nothing better than the Total Body Works 5000, a space saving machine that offers you more than 50 body-shaping exercises. With power bands adjustable to 4 different settings, and an adjustable incline, this versatile piece of Weider exercise equipment can strengthen your muscles, increase your flexibility, and give you a fantastic body shape. With the workout guide included, there's no way you can go wrong with this training system. This amazing machine uses your own body weight to give you resistance that's used to shape and tone your body; plus there's an additional 50 lbs of weight that can complement your own. At $149 and free shipping, this is definitely a steal.

Weider Exercise Equipment: The Power Tower Range

In line with the versatility of other Weider exercise equipment is the Weider Club Power Tower Range; under $300 to help tone your entire body – upper and lower – is not a bad proposition at all. The push away VKR and assisted Dip Station, Multi-grip Pull Station, Push-up Station, and Knee Raise are all designed to be used in a particular sequence to gradually increase muscle strength and tone. It provides about 80 lbs of resistance and is designed to save space and time.

Weider exercise equipment is known for its quality and durability; its penetration into so many homes in America is proof of this. If you're thinking of investing in one of their products, call them and find out which might be suitable for you. After all, you want to have your Weider exercise equipment end up as an expensive towel rack.