Wholesale Gym Equipment: Find The Need, Fill The Need

The first question that should be answered before shopping for wholesale gym equipment is "Why". Why do you need whole sale equipment – is it for resale at retail or is it for equipping a commercial gym. The reason that this question comes first is that it will help us answer the next question, "Where", which brings us to sourcing the equipment. Many wholesale dealers will offer specific packages that you can take advantage of, like upper body equipment, cardio equipment, and so on. If you know what you need and why you want a particular category of equipment, then wholesale sourcing becomes a mere question of price and quality.

Words Make A Difference: Bulk vs. Wholesale

If you're going to be outfitting a commercial gym, then you're obviously not going to need several of the same kind of machine; you'll need variety. There are two ways in which you can approach this. First, you can go to a wholesale dealer that carries the specific lines of equipment you're looking for. Second, if your order is big enough, a manufacturer might treat it as a wholesale purchase rather than a bulk order – subtle difference on the terminology, but not on the price. Often, you'll get 40% or more for a large order if you push a manufacturer hard enough. Of course, you may not be able to do it with a very large company, but many smaller ones will buckle under the pressure of a really big sale. However, if you're just going to be fitting a gym out with some basic and extended equipment, then the first option might be better.

Negotiating For Wholesale Exercise Equipment: Learn How To Tango

Many dealers will give you a song and dance about the state of the economy and the rising price of commodities, and the like. Don't fall for this kind of negotiation gambit; every manufacturer in this recession-driven market knows that if he doesn't get your business, a competitor will, and no one in their right mind will want that. There's a bit of pop psychology involved here – the fishing's only as good as the bait. Obviously you need to know current market prices for various brands like the back of your hand if you want the negotiation to go smoothly, so don't go to the prom without a tux.

Hardball With Wholesale Exercise Equipment: Don't Forget The Mustard

If you're a good negotiator, you will even be able to get lots of freebies or stuff for cheap. For example, if you're in for a line of expensive cardio equipment to outfit a commercial gym franchise chain, then you obviously have the upper hand. In effect, you can demand several add-ons, like free delivery, accessories for cheap or even free, other minor equipment at low cost, and even extended credit on your order. Make sure you play fair, though, and walk the fine line between great haggling skills and plain and simple extortion. If you push too hard, then it's very hard to regress to a more amicable standpoint.

The Art Of Buying Wholesale Exercise Equipment: Know Your Knick-Knacks Plus Tax

Enough can't be said about knowing the gym equipment market so that you can list all the models of treadmills along with their prices and tax in each state in your sleep. Buyers for large retail chains often have to do quite a bit of study before they even initiate discussions with a manufacturer. In the course of your conversations, you don't want anything you say lightly to be taken as a sign of commitment. That would not only be unethical, but it's bad business. So go in with your head full, your mouth closed and your ears open. That's the only way to come out of any negotiation with a win-win decision in your pocket.