Wholesale Horse Tack Resources

Tack is a term that refers to any equipment that is used on a horse for riding, transport or draught purposes. It includes breastplates, martingales, halters, stirrups, bits, bridles, saddles, riding crops and reins, among others. Tack must always be kept in good repair and checked from time to time for signs of wear, as they tend to require periodic replacement. Wholesale horse tack is usually purchased by tack shops for retail; often, individual pieces of equipment are bought from different dealers who supply only certain types of tack. For example, there are saddle manufacturers that only deal with horse and pony saddles for riding. Depending on what you need, there are several online resources that can supply all the tack that you need at wholesale rates. Many of them don't even have minimum purchase limits, so even if you're just looking to tack up your own mount, you can go to them for your needs.

Types Of Wholesale Horse Tack

Tack, in general, has evolved based on the needs of each society, their riding styles, their terrain conditions and a host of other factors. Therefore, you might see a lot of variation between, say, English tack and Western tack. Knowing the kind of tack that's suitable for you will help make your search quick and easy.

Wholesale Horse Tack: English Tack

English tack mainly consists of bits and bridles, saddles and saddle bags or pads, brow-bands and other miscellaneous items. A typical English saddle with cost about $169 for a base model jump saddle to $530 for a 7- piece close contact saddle at a wholesale horse tack store. There are several other types of saddles as well, such as dressage or event saddles, and even general-purpose saddle. A schooling or daily use bridle can be bought for about $60 along with laced reins at any wholesale horse tack online store; there are models above and below this price, but this is about average for a good bridle and reins set. You can get ornate padded brow-bands to make your horse look good at a show or competition. Some of them come embedded with rhinestone, or even Swarovski crystals; expect to pay about $65 for these.

Wholesale Horse Tack: Western Tack

Western tack is also available at leading wholesale horse tack stores. A very basic saddle shouldn't cost you more than $300 or so, but if you have the money and the inclination to spend $1000 or more, then you won't have any trouble finding a premium one that you like. A bridle is often referred to as a headstall or halter in America, and you can find one at a wholesale horse tack shop for about $30, and slightly more with reins. Show halters are also often used for rodeos and other types of competitive and show events. A breast collar or breast plate goes around the chest area of the horse, and is meant to give stability to the saddle and keep it from sliding sideways or backwards when riding. About $100 would be an average price for these essentials.

Wholesale Horse Tack: Australian Tack

There are also other types of tack like Australian tack; these are very similar to English and Western tack with the exception of minor modifications to saddles and fittings. Generally speaking, all tack is variation on the same concepts. Because the functions of tack are very similar, the approach to making tack is pretty much the same all over the world.

Other miscellaneous tack items can be bought at wholesale as well for very good rates, but make sure that any online store you buy from has all the usual online shopping security and privacy protocol in place; you would want your information to be shared with third parties, or worse, used against you in fraudulent financial transactions.