Wholesale Luggage

Wholesale luggage of good quality and reasonable prices is pretty easy to find, when you know where to look. The Internet is now a rather popular place to look for entire ranges of luggage depending on your preference, especially when your local stores are short on variety.

However, if you're not looking to buy wholesale units online, a trade show is one of the best places to check out merchandise for your store. Retailers can encounter several suppliers at a trade show that serve the same markets. The product offerings and their pricings are also available, and it is advised you take note of them. You should remember that, generally, trade shows are not open to the general public, so it is highly advisable to bring along documents that prove you are established in the business, such as a resale certificate, tax id, business cards, or any other type of license of permit.

Where can you find wholesale luggage online?

Several online suppliers provide different types of bags. Other than stores in your locality, the Internet provides much more variety for wholesale luggage, although the distinct disadvantage would be the inability to personally check out products before the purchase. However, there are ways to ensure the credibility of a product and supplier.

Companies like SW Trading offer good wholesale luggage with excellent quality online. Their products include entire lines of wheeler bags, carry-on bags, tote bags and even travel cosmetic bags, coming in various colors and styles. HKTDC, another online company based in Hongkong, offer an organized approach to choosing what to buy, and the quality of their products is relatively good. Amazon and eBay are notable places to get in touch with a credible distributor for wholesale luggage. Wholesale suppliers such as Doba also stock a variety of goods far below retail prices, though they do charge a monthly membership fee ($59) for access to their wares.

How do I find a credible distributor for wholesale luggage?

A product can reach a retailer in several ways, and it's important to note that all wholesale suppliers serve a single market. Understand the distribution channels of the industry and you can find the right wholesale supplier for your business.

If you're retailing branded items, start at the source and directly approach the product's manufacturer. They may have minimum order requirements for their products, so clarify them first before asking them to directly supply you with wholesale luggage. If the manufacturer claims that you're too small for them or that they only sell throught distribution channels that have established themselves, don't let it get you down. Ask for a list of potential distributors you can contact.

The good thing about starting with the manufacturer is that either you can manage to get the lowest prices for luggage, or at least (if that doesn't work out) procure a list of other distributors to help you in your search. Plus, these distributors are most likely already established, and there is no need to worry about getting less than you pay for.

Make contact with the wholesale distributors from the list. It's essential that you check out their minimum order requirements and wholesale unit prices. Distributors will best respond if you don't try to sound "bigger" than you are; be honest about what you want from them. A little common courtesy goes a long way in landing big deals.

Things to consider

One important thing you need to do before making any transaction is to know what you're looking for, as knowing what you want saves you enormous amounts of time. Ask yourself: Where do I plan to sell the luggage? How do I want it to look? What are the features I want the bags to have? Consider thinking about whom you plan to distribute them to.

Variety is good. Most online suppliers provide pictures and information of their products, such as dimensions and material composition. Wholesale luggage should come within reasonable price range, and prices should correspond to its characteristics. For example, a roller bag will definitely cost more than a simple carry-on. Check out what customers go for when buying luggage. Do they prefer a certain style? How much are they willing to spend?

Another thing to think about is the brand. Before making the actual purchase, visit a competitor or store selling good quality luggage, browse through their selection, and take a mental note of what brands they sell. Which types of luggage are selling quickly? What are their features? Which bags are gathering dust on the shelf or are waiting patiently in the clearance bin? Try visiting a similar store considered too far away to be a potential competitor, and see if the retailer is willing to share the manufacturer of wholesale luggage.