The Many Faces Of Wireless Home Theater Systems

While the term wireless home theater systems usually refers to the option of having wireless rear surround speakers, technology has not yet reach a point when the entire system can claim to be wire-free. However, even this limited option is sometimes desirable, especially when the alternative is several feet of cable run ruining the look of your immaculate home theatre that you spent so much money doing up. LG, Sony, Samsung, Visio, JVC, Sherwood, and many other electronics giants have entered the wireless home theatre market, and to stay. Available at prices that range from the low hundreds to the low thousands of dollars, these systems each have their own unique combination of technology, design, compatibility and overall quality.

The Key To Wireless Home Theater Selection

When shopping for a good wireless system, the different models can confuse you, so it's best to keep one or two criteria fixed in your mind and allow the others to be variable. That will immediately help narrow down the many dozen options to an easy four or five to finally pick from. For example, if your budget is under $500, then Samsung would immediately be out of the race for all practical purposes of choosing your system. Similarly, a choice of minimum RMS power rating might eliminate the smaller systems from consideration for your final pick. This system works well will all consumer electronics and come highly recommended as a fuzz-buster for your brain.

Wireless Home Theater Systems: It's A Sony

Sony is a known audio electronics leader from way back when, and can be relied on to put excellent sound quality at your disposal. Their BDV-E570 Blu-Ray Home Entertainment System comes at an affordable price of $347, and pumps out 1000 Watts of pure RMS power. You can enjoy the full 1080p HD experience and HD surround sound, while being able to wirelessly stream Netflix, Amazon VOD, and You Tube among others. There's also a slightly more feature-rich E770W in the same BDV family that sells at $453, and the ever popular Bravia DAV series retailing at $689.

Wireless Home Theater Systems: The Oft-sung song

Samsung is another trusted brand in this market. They easily have the most options to choose from, and range between $277 and $1000 for the most part. The most expensive of the bunch is the HT-C7530W, which retails at discount prices of down to about $800 or so. This Blu-Ray Home Theater System features an iPod/iPhone dock that can help you take advantage of the 800 Watts of power it delivers. And that's not all; this system allows full integration with internet sites like Facebook, You Tube and Twitter. Their Internet@TV system allows you to stream digitale content from the web straight to your HDTV. For a thousand dollars, that's not too bad at all.

Wireless Home Theater Systems: The Panasonic Experience

Panasonic has the run of the upper end of the consumer base, with most systems priced at $600 to $800, and a couple of them over $1000 too. Bang in the middle of their pile would be the SC-PT770 1000W. Panasonic's reputation in the audio electronics industry is well known, and all of their technology has been put into this model with no compromise. The 1kW of RMS power it throws at you is certain to keep any house party rocking till dawn.

Comparative Anatomy Of Features

While there are also other reliable wireless home theater systems such as JVC, SONOS, Rocketfish and Soundcast Systems, a brief glance will show comparable features and prices. The pioneers of the industry have patents and copyrights to most of the consumer-hunger-satisfying features, so most of the other players are left to their own devices, forcing them to resort to gimmickry rather than true innovation. Of course this is a dangerous generalization that cannot be completely true, but the trends in the market indicate at least a 50-50 chance of it being right.