Wrought iron candle holders are often designed for use in candelabras and chandeliers and provide an a unique classic look to your environment. While they are predominantly used for candelabras and chandeliers, they still have their place on dining room tables, fireplace mantles, and other spots a homeowner may wish to spruce up. Candles, as simple as they seem, have the ability to transform any room and create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. Often housing multiple branches for many candles, wrought iron candle holders can serve as excellent centerpieces for dining room tables - particularly when you have company over.

It is not true that a good piece of décor must carry a large price tag. Decorations need not be expensive to buy and time consuming to install in order to make an impact. Simple adornments such as wrought iron candle holders easily enhance the look of a room, without being overly flambouyant - or making a large dent in your bank account.

Why Wrought Iron Candle Holders?

With so many choices when it comes to candle holders, it can be tough to narrow down your search to a particular style. Wrought iron candle holders are generally meant to go with classic, vintage, and antique decorative schemes. Heavy woods: oak end tables and chairs, mahogany dining room furniture, and other sturdy classic pieces are the furniture types best complimented by wrought iron. Modern furniture and decoration, such as glass dining room tables, contemporary curtains, and modern coffee tables would likely create a visual conflict accoring to classic design principles, so unless you're a very forward-thinking individual (or like to purposely create visual discord) you may want to stray away from complimenting modern designs with wrought iron candle holders.

Of course, if you already have wrought iron in your home, such as a wrought iron mirror, wrought iron wall sconces, or wrought iron handrails, it makes perfect sense to compliment these with candle holders made from the same material. We need to keep in mind that both wrought iron wall sconces and candle holders must be in similar style and color for a continuity in design. Wrought iron isn't a "one size fits all" material, and you'll have to take care to make sure the pieces match one another.

Benefits of Wrought Iron Candle Holders

Candle light has many psychological values and has often been used as a meditative aid. If you are feeling depressed or stressed, you can sit in front of a candle and concentrate on the light and feel a change in yourself. The light and flame will trigger emotions and affect the sub conscious mind deeply.

No one can deny the effect that candle light brings at times of chilly weather and dark. While not a primary source of heat, candle light provides an uplifting psychological effect during these times.

Candles are also the ultimate tone-setter for romance. Just imagine how beautiful a sight it will be, to see the light from the candle brightening the whole room and of course, your beloved gleaming in that golden - yellow frame.

The visual and psychological impact of candle light cannot be denied. These metallic candle holders will caress walls and hidden corners, bringing to life the spaces that have often been ignored.

More about Wrought Iron Candle Holders
Due to its low carbon content, wrought iron can be easily carved and molded into any shape. Consider the fact that the Eiffel Tower is made from a type of wrought iron. There are many styles of candle holder available, such as free-standing, wall-mounted, chandelier and tabletop holders. With so many options in terms of size and numbers of candles held, you will be able to find something to suit a small bathroom, a large bedroom, a desk or tabletop, or to occupy a place on or beside your fireplace.

Freestanding wrought iron candle holders can be placed in the dark corners where the normal lights never reach; this will give extra light to our larger rooms and provide a relaxing atmosphere. You may choose to pick simple stands or those filled with some frilly art, depending on the set-up of your room.
For smaller rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms, normal lighting may not be able to create a soothing environment. At times like these, we can use wall-mounted candle holders in these rooms.

Buying Wrought Iron Candle Holders

There are many places to look for wrought iron candle holders. Online, there are dedicated wrought iron stores such as Wrought Iron Decore Store where you can explore a variety of items made from wrought iron - in case you're looking for more than just candle holders. Amazon and NexTag are two online warehouses where you can expect to find the cheapest prices for retail wrought iron candle holders. The downside is you can't see the items in person to really determine if they would suit your purposes, but they are great places to learn what's available and what to expect in terms of price.

eBay is another place to look, particularly if you want to save a bunch of money. The auction format means you could find a candle holder that normally retails at $50 for 5 or 10 dollars. This requires some patience and luck, but you can really get a bargain deal here.

Conventional retailers such a Sears also stock wrought iron candle holders. This would likely be your final stop, as by this time you'll have a good idea what is available and how much you plan on spending. The biggest upside to these stores is you can see and touch the item you wish to purchase.

You can find some low-end candle holders, usually sold in pairs, for around $10. The high end of the spectrum really depends how elaborate you wish to get - a fancy candelabra will run a couple hundred dollars - and really the sky is the limit. Whatever your budget, there will be a wrought iron candle holder that's a perfect fit for your home.