Bakugan Battle Brawlers Game

The Bakugan Battle Pack is based on the Japanese animation series but it is not necessary to have any knowledge of the TV series to play Bakugan.

Bakugan is a fun game suitable for boys and girls 6 years and older; although the battling aspect of the game will probably appeal to boys more than girls. Basically there are two products you can buy to start playing Bakugan. They are the Bakugan Starter Pack and the Bakugan Battle Pack. The advantage of the Bakugan Battle Pack is that it contains more Bakugan and allows your child to play a more complex version of the same game. However, if you buy the Bakugan Starter Pack it is a simple matter to buy extra Bakugan balls and cards to make a 6 Bakugan ball game possible.

Basically Bakugan is a version of marbles combined with a card game. It involves battling to win Gate Cards. To battle players must do some simple math involving adding and subtracting. This gives the game an educational dimension. However, don't for a moment think that the child will be put off by the math. Far from it, Bakugan is completely absorbing for kids and they will do the arithmetic without even noticing it.

Two or more players can play Bakugan. Players roll spherical balls called Bakugan. If their Bakugan roll onto a metallic Gate Card the Bakugan opens up to reveal one of several types of Bakugan with a G-power number. If two Bakugan open on the same Gate Card then battle can begin. At this point the Gate Card is turned over to reveal bonus G-power points plus further instructions. The instructions may be that the Bakugan with the lowest score is the winner or that Bakugan warriors must swap G-power scores. At this point a player may play an Ability Card to help their Bakugan win the battle. The winner of the duel keeps the Gate Card. The winner of the whole game is the first player to win 3 Gate Cards.

Children love the physical skill aspect of rolling the Bakugan and then the unexpected twists and turns of the luck of the cards. The possibility to 'trump' players with Ability Cards gives every encounter in the game a thrilling narrative that combines luck and skill. This combination of luck and skill will completely absorb your son in the game. Bakugan is not one of those games that you buy your child for Christmas and gets played only once. This is a game that has enduring appeal. Amongst children's circles it is the new 'must have' game, especially for boys.

The Bakugan game has various extras such as new Bakugan characters to collect; a Bakugan carry clip; a Bakugan launcher; special Gauntlets and Bakugan play area mats. Combine this with brilliant Japanese animation and the overarching Bakugan story told in the TV series and you have an appealing fantasy that children will find completely compelling.

So if you want to know what Santa should buy your son the answer is simple: Bakugan.