There are many varieties of case ingersoll garden tractors for sale - some include cabs to keep their rider dry and cozy and some are the open-air tractor variety. Useful for mowing, mulching, relocating equipment on your farm or tilling flowerbeds, Ingersoll tractors are loved by farmers and gardeners alike. The staggering variety of genuine Ingersoll attachments and parts like snow blowers, bull dozer blades, and mower decks make this piece of farm equipment one of the most versatile tools you'll ever own. With a case ingersoll tractor, you can roto-till your fields, haul away debris and junk, or just level your lawn with powerful mowing add-ons. 

Red Ingersoll Garden Tractor Ready for Sale

Ingersoll Garden Tractor Prices and Features

When you examine an ingersoll tractor for sale, ask its owner about its specifications to best determine its overall condition, worth and purpose. There are a wide variety of different builds and load-outs for Ingersoll tractors that can make them better or worse suited to specific gardening, plowing and farming jobs. 

By way of benchmarking current Ingersoll garden tractor prices, consider this pretty standard package and its asking price of $2,000

An Ingersoll 226 tractor with a 16 HP Onan engine, that includes a 38" snowblower attachment, 40" mower deck for cutting your grass, and a 44" blade that serves multiple purposes like blasting through debris or snow, will cost about 2 thousand dollars.

Of course, when you're buying a tractor, you're likely to be doing so in person, giving you a chance to haggle over which Ingersoll parts you do or do not need and how these will ultimately factor into the final price. 

Another popular 2005 Case Ingersoll garden tractor load-out is the 3016: this puppy runs on a 16 horsepower Briggs & Stratton Vanguard V Twin engine for plenty of oomph and power when you're smashing through snowdrifts or hauling heavy loads around your property. 

See the Garden Tractor in Action

Here's a video of a Case Ingersoll  snow blower attachment. You can get a good feel for how it works and the degree of range it has as it rotates to throw snow off and clear of the path you're driving. 

Finding Case Ingersoll Tractors for Sale

When you're ready to buy  new or used case ingersoll farm equipment, you have a few options. Going the local route, by reading classifieds in craigslist or farm equipment sales forums will allow you to go and see the tractor before you plunk down your cash for good.

On the other hand, you're usually buying second hand when you do this, which brings in a whole host of issues. Has the tractor been properly cared for before? Has the owner kept up the necessary maintenance like applying chassis grease, keeping hydraulic fluid levels topped and changing the oil regularly? 

Heading Online for Better Deals

It actually IS possible to buy a tractor off eBay, if you're already comfortable with the way online auction places work, and with working with your buyer to arrange proper freight to deliver your massive purchase to you. 

You can look to pay anywhere from $1,500 to $5000 depending on the exact age, model and maintenance record of the case ingersoll tractor you buy. Freight can be a few hundred dollars to signficantly more depending on how far your shipment has to go. This why most folks prefer to find a new or used Case Ingersoll garden tractor via local sale.